We Demand Compensation For BOT Problems

Took me 20 minutes of queuing to get into my server. At off peak hours too.

This is ridiculous.

I demand compensation. Free mount and skins for everyone. NOW!


I demand 1 million billion gazillion fafillion gold, NOW!!!




I don’t care about the bots, but I want another animal skin and mokoko pet. Yay give us plez ty


:clown_face: :shushing_face:

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Shhhh just ask for animal skins we all want more


no point fixing bot cant be fix anyway juts give us more skin

Just filter all the the bot gold to me so that I can stare at it as you would a collection.

I will then spend a tiny portion of it on my - charitable donations for those affected by bots.

me for president

We want animal skin!!! More more

another animal skin would be nice

give me free 1490 character power pass


I don’t want compensation, I just want it fucking fixed.

why don’t they finally develop a system that makes the bots 100% superfluous. you have no idea how stupid the starting areas are. an empty game full of bots they somehow develop a sythem , Limits . no matter what . only that with the bots has to stop completely. and if the trade is only through NPCs, please do something about the bots…

You don’t speak for me.

Please enjoy your 48hr Crystalline aura token and battle items chest :tm:

hang tight, the bots are working on it for you

people asking for animal skins but nobody asked about a MOKOKO COSTUME…


There is one positive side to the bots that I’ve taken great advantage of. =D

All the collectables for the Adventure guide are dirt cheap
They can easily take more time than anything else for 100% completion.

I think all of them for every continent cost like 200-300g.

EUC had queues for weeks lol

Ma réponse sera peut être basique , mais si il y a des bots, c’est parce que il y a des joueurs qui continuent d’acheter leur service . Si personne n’achetait leur service et bien ils ne resteraient pas sur le jeu peut être non ?