We demand explanation AND solution by next week regarding LONG QUEUE issue


This game is in a super embarrassing state and yes it will die very soon if they can’t fix this long queue issue.

Please response with explanation and any plans on dealing with this issue??? What words do we have from Smilegate???

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Ya we need explanation and an useful approach to address this issue in a long term way.

Okay by which day next week exactly you want the explanation and in text format or video ?

please give us server name and queue number since we weren’t aware, thank you !

Shit question. Why which day or in what format matter? As long as they can give out more info on this issue?

It’s really funny, as if the situation was sudden and short-lived
However, the queuing has continued from the start of the server to the point where players can’t accept it now.
It’s enough to prove that ags can only do superficial work, can’t actually do anything, keep pushing forward, keep earning the money they want to earn