We deserve a compensation for the crystal aura lost time

i know this is a free to play game but i paid for a product the founder package and it included 30 days of crystal aura( its one of the reasons i bought it)
And now waiting for 5-6 hours in queue to play is not letting me make 100% use of the package i paid, (is like paying nextflix a 1 month suscription but cause of techinical issues only using 5 days) i know they gave 3 extra days but LOL i already lost more than 70% of my play time thanks to this queues, 3 days is not enought, you should atleast give 1 extra day for every day you dont solve the queue issue.

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I agree. Paid content lost because of server issues needs to be compensated. I lost 3-4 days, and that’s not even including the wasted silver for triports.