We don't care if casuals want T1, T2 nerfed.. BUT don't touch T3

Who ask you something about the other who play ? If the stat show 90% of people can’t success, is not about you, its about them and the content, and it need to be changed.


And elitish my ass, I play only 4 hours and day and my first time playing an mmo. I just try to understand want to do rather than spamming a single button expecting the boss to die.

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Look at the title idiot, it says dont touch T3… Like I said again, we dont care about T1 and T2. Dont beg for T3 nerfs when you ‘casuals’ come to T3.

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so you show your true face

jesus rigole

@harmoniumxiv It is a bold claim that you think that you represent 95% of the players. Poll ratings saying something else, but then again, this are only people active on the forum. I am a ultra casual, somewhere at early T1 with 75h in game, yet I disagree with any form of unneeded nerfs. I want the game as advertised. The game from Korea with challenges. If I can’t do 100% of the content that is fine for me but at least I can steadily improve. The game offers so manny different activities, why should I cry about the 5% I potentially struggle with in the future. I don’t want another mindless button smashing MMO where you achieve everything while ignoring every game mechanic. There are enough of those already… :slight_smile:


@harmoniumxiv He knows all the players who play Lost Ark and asked them personally about their opinion about T1 and T2 content. Hush, he knows better than you want everyone wants xD

sure a poll rating i don’t see the color yet and not everyone go on the forum. The devs got real stat, poll or not.


It is cuz that’s the beginning of these buffoons asking for a nerf

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@harmoniumxiv If you would have read what I wrote you would realize that I already mentioned it was seen only by players in the forum (and obviously who read that post). This is by no mean representative but so is your opinion on representing 95%. :wink:

That’s true, they fcked over T1 and T2… hope they don’t coming running to T3 and ask for nerfs

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Also dont listen to @harmoniumxiv
He’s a ff14 troll just ruining the game for us. He calls T3 players who spent nth a p2w’r


What I find both very funny and very disturbing is that if these changes were due to the fact that 90% of the players couldn’t complete this level content what will they do for the T3 content that 99.9% of players cant complete lol.

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Yeah, he just comes up claiming that 95% of the players want nerfs

I disagree i think its silly of them to revert the buffs for t1-2 and not 3
why did they revert the buffs in the first place - every one stopped doing the content after a few tries

Same thing will happen in T3 ppl will do t1-2 then stop again
and will be right back to where we are now

actually guardians here are harde than KR/RU server, they buffed them here with +50% hp. they’re just turning it back to how it should be

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yes normal player with a normal life and don’t buy all the shop of maria, are not at T3 yet.

Again with these pointless stats? You from amazon? You got info that 99.9% people coudn’t finish T3 content?? Oh how is it running in Korea and Russia?? All of em hardcore players? Maybe they born with mad gaming skills??

Nah they just look up on how to beat a boss and feel proud when they overcome something difficult.


No problem with the current nerf mate, please don’t touch T3… its perfect the way it is.

Now claiming the game to be p2w… you good in the head mate??