We dont have pheons!

0 pheons on the compensation, korea get 100+ pheons every event, dont they understand we need them to build our alts or even mains? first of all if u make a mistake and buy a wrong accesory it punish u hard… imagine get punished while spending gold too lmao

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How do you buy wrong accesory? XD

It legit happens xD Just a bit of distraction (buying off pinned accs) and suddenly you have 3 earring and are 25 pheons loss, hurt right in my meow-meow.

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Never heard of such case before. Also at this point it’s not hard to get 100 pheons/week from weeklies and selling mats so it shouldn’t be such a big deal. Unless you are going ape mode and buying stuff that you are about to replace in next 2 weeks or somehow buying random stuff

Buy them if you need them.

Everyone responsible for their resources. I will myself make sure I checked twice before I buy stuff next time.

Did we already receive a compensation for this one?

it happens man we are humans

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so that means there should be a punishing system like that? the punishment should be wasting your gold in the first place…