We don't need new content, i guess artist wasn't enough to understand it

We don’t need new content, we just need you to fix the game before that, that’s it, putting new content hoping that it will retain players or make them play the game again it’s useless and you saw it with artist release, now you’re making the same mistake, the letter wasn’t enough, we want to see the announcement of the choices in order to fix the problem you talked about and you recognized as problems/issues. Don’t give us new content, fix the game first, i was actually hoping to see those announcements in the roadmap you released today, none of that is there.

Letter to the community "As we work to set the best course for the rest of 2023 and beyond, you’ll find some of our thoughts and plans below. These are focused on areas of player feedback and directional goals, not content coming to Arkesia over the coming months. While you might still find one or two spoilers, we’ll be following up with the 2023 Roadmap - Part 2 next week to share those plans. "

How many plans exactly are inside the part 2?


Most tone deaf road map.
I mean getting players hopes up and then smashing them.

I am just glad they did “Letter” first then showed the road map.
This show their true nature. If they did it otherwise people would still have hope. Now more then ever, it is clear this is losing battle.


They never said the changes in the letter will come immediately.

They just layed out the content we will be getting until August.

What do you guys want them to do? stop releasing content until they fix everything?

i guess this makes more sense,

They didn’t said what they were changing, they acknowledged that the game has issues and they listed them, that’s the problem

My friend, the content is already developed. They just need to enable it for us. They can wwork on other stuff meanwhile.

Read the letter again, because you probably didnt properly read it.

They listed a bunch of changes that they want to implement by late summer , early fall.

They said they need time to get everything done.

Yes. Full focus on finding the solutions, that what we want, cause they had months to think about it and we have nothing in our hands, we just have they saying that the game has issues after we shouted it for 6 months and they ignored us.

who is we?

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Can you please tell me which ones? I only see “I think we can do that, butttt we don’t really know”


Argos changes

Tier1+2 adjustments

new player experience

card sets / gems / tripods changes for alts

legion raid nerfs for new players

More events

these are the few i remember

battle items for new players in early guardian raids which they already implementing next month :+1:

Those are the same thing, and this is an issue related to the new player experience and not the player experience in general, this is a part of the issues, and they actually said “Oh yeah we merge tiers, we make argos easier” and the third you mentioned is the same thing as the other 2

“we plan to make collecting Runes/Tripods/Cards/Gems easier for everyone.”
HOW??? That’s not a solution, that’s an hope

Again, WHICH ONE? How? How do you mix new players and old ones? Wasn’t there a buff for new players? Why is it different? (And again 4 things you mentioned are in the same paragraph and same thing, new player experience)

Again, new content, when they need to fix the core issues of the game

How do you solve the bot issues? None of that is announced

How do you fix pheons? Everyone is complaining about it.

How do you remove limitations of the gameplay related to the bots?

How do you solve the gold influx issues now that the nerf occurred?

How do you solve the homework issues? Related on 2x guardian 2x chaos for the roster, they realized is exsausting but gave no solution

How do you solve the EUW issue?

JUST PUT NEW CONTENT RIGHT THERE, everyone is happy now right?


Oh my god, yeah, now the game is totally fine, release new content

We need new content for ppl who completed existing and yeah they said not so long ago their plan on upgrading and fixing stuff… Ppl who can’t do everything new day one it’s okay… enjoy the journey of MMO genre this is not moba or fps…

just ignore this newnew guy hes paid actor by ags, defending them even tho their bad.

They needed 1 year to just say we see the problems, and think about a solution. So in short it will take another year to think and another to maybe act.

the game is done and dusted the roadmap was probably the last straw for many. sadge our 1.3mil potential is down but yeah happens if ya pay non skilled people to do the job cause thats the american way inclusivity or somethin right


We were shouting and complaing about those issues for months, they realized those were issues really too late, i was expecting to see some proposal inside this roadmap, none of that

Sad, see you bro. Good bye!

They already posted about that xD they will not post it 24/7

I’m not talking about the issues, i’m talking about solutions


D4 here we come

Any other recommendations guys until D4?

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