We don't want the skins you're offering us when we see this in korea

Amazon your selection of skin choices suck and we want casual wear.


Who are you? Because i don’t like such skins in fantasy game. Play sims or some beach tycoon :slight_smile:


Who are you? Because I don’t like companies that white wash foreign games. :slightly_smiling_face:


Honestly agree. Making new conservative skins for a vocal miniscule minority is a huge misplay.
Waifus and husbandos sell, just look at genshin impact if you want to know how real consumers actually feel.


Is there any aspect of the game that you havent made a thread about to complain?

I mean if you think cosmetics and amazon gating 1370 while releasing new 1370 content is every aspect of the game…

Zoo tycoon

Denka while your posts are usually excellent bait I want to thank you this picture because now i know exactly what I want for my Sharpshooter. He needs it in black and gold.

I mean that’s a summer skin, we’ll get it in (or stuff like it) in summer.

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I don’t care with armor skins and spike, but want also the casual skins. Why are they giving us only skins that have new-world vibe on it, they are gonna give us another just full-armored spiked armor spike set just like omen skins, will see.
( petranian knight skin will be next armor set pretty sure xD, also made from RU server just like the omen)

I know, I’m just preemptively complaining so amazon can know 4 months ahead of time what we want. Since I warned them 4 days ago that players would be upset with not being able to do argos due to their T3 credit card gate. They apparently need months warning.


When I saw the skin coming with Argos my eyes rolled into the back of my head. I don’t want my character to look like a trash mob from Wrath era World of Warcraft. Give us the goods.


At last, one post of many complaining about the game that I agree with you, we want casual wear

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well have you seen the shadowlands trashcans? they look excatly like that

We want these



This is all I want. I will drop money on multiple colors. WTB destroyer, paying $$.


Just adding some more skins i’ve found here :slight_smile:


I think you’ll be happier playing FFXIV

To each their own. For me casual wear and lingerie is blegh for the most part. I like class-themed stuff. I’ve been happy with about half the skins that have come out NA/EU.

I don’t like the following. But if you do, I’m happy you’ll get them eventually:

So basic and almost homely (IMO).

Just not my thing…

Again not my thing.

Boys look good. Girls look trashy.

But these I think are great and hope to get them soon:

These are Legendary Skins - so VERY hard to get, but badass.

A bit eccentric, but pretty cool for a soulfist.

If you’re going to show boobs, don’t show ass (and vice versa). More sexy that way.

Can’t find an in-game picture of this. I think this is one of the DB legendary sets. Not sure.

FYI. I’m not saying either of these should or shouldn’t be in the game. Variety is good. I roll my eyes though when I see all the bikinis and lingerie running around. I don’t expect anything else from this game though. It is what it is. I do think our Western market might incentivize the developers to release additional skins in both markets that might pander to more Western tastes. Doesn’t mean the others won’t still be there for people to get their rocks off to.

why do people keep making posts like they speak for everyone?