We gonna get compensation for the EUC crash y-day?

I lost my Oreha Preveza run y-day when the EUC servers crashed. When servers were back up and I logged back in, I found out I could not redo it. Honestly, all I want from this dungeon is the gold. This game already has few reliable sources to obtain gold, now I have to wait a week to do the dungeon.

I wouldn’t be that salty for Chaos Dungeon or Guardian Raid run, but Abyss Dungeon is a weekly endeavor and the gold from Oreha Preveza is not insignificant. At least not for me.

Not asking for much. Either get the chance to redo it this week, or at least get the gold equivalent for completing it. Don’t care about other items. Just want the frigging gold.


I will never understand people do 1 times a week stuff instantly after a huge patch … Sure the said the changes their rules so if server is fault(can’t be you or ur connection need be server) u can get it opened again (will need 1-2 days, u better look for the news and do what they say you to do there) so ur problem is bsdicly already solved.
But next time save urself the Hussle and wait a day after the patch :wink:

This kind of reasoning is stupid. You’re framing this as if it is our fault that those handling the maintenance and development are screwing the servers after the update and the solution being me as player to not do dungeons, raids or other stuff on the first day post-patch. If the post-patch stuff ruins the playing experience for an entire week, what is the solution? Don’t do raids and dungeons for an entire week?

How could one predict that EU Central would have its servers crash? Last time I checked I don’t have a crystal ball that could predict the future.

I don’t think I am being unreasonable. For much smaller things the NA servers receive compensations. It is only normal for EU Central to receive a compensation too, especially those that lost an abyss dungeon run or Argos raid. You should cease shifting the blame to players when the issue they are experiencing IS NOT caused by their own actions.


Let’s be honest, it’s not guaranteed there won’t be a crash on the next day, or any day which wastes your weekly voucher to an activity. I wouldn’t think the player can be blamed if the issue is coming from server side.

If you have a power outage on your end, then of course it’s your own problem.

I’m not affected in this problem at the moment, but I can understand the frustration of the person who opens this post. It’s not his fault that server crashes and the entry ticket shouldn’t be used if server dies.

I faced the same problem. I was doing my Abyss Dungeon run and lost the entrance of the week.

What kind of reasoning is that lmao

Very true what you have spoken. For unforeseen contingencies though you need to have a way to compensate those affected. I do not find this to be too much to ask. After all, I did not ask for something outrageous. All I want is to get to do the dungeon once again, or give the reward in gold if doing it again is not possible.

As things stand, I lost over 1k gold and I need to wait a week to retry.