We got a roadmap for a roadmap and now a patch for a patch. (A bit of a lengthy post for some thoughts)

I fully understand that things take time and they change depending on issues and new information and said issues also need to be adressed before pushing out a new patch.
But at the same time people get frustrated without proper communication and they start speculating and assuming which leads to more frustration.
I don’t know what is happening internally between teams/departments as in people that work on the build and people that handle the communication but something is not working properly between them

I truly do hope this improves but for not people are just frustrated and I am one of them, I am more frustrated not that the patch is delayed well not delayed it wasnt even scheduled to be for the 14th but just by the fact we weren’t properly informed about this which like I said just leads to unnecessary frustrations.
Also Roxx and all the other CMs this has caused you a lot of problems and people can be toxic which is not your fault and I understand its not up to you.

All we want or at least all I want is for communication to improve between your departments and set up new protocols on how to handle information for the public because this is starting to form a pattern of things like this happening.

This patch is a patch to work on the backend okay, but after the patch tomorrow can we get some information to answer questions like:

  • Did the patch work for its intended purpose ?
  • Does the build need more work ?
  • If it did are we getting the patch next thursday ?
  • Is something else being worked on ?
  • Skins ?
  • Maybe can we get patch notes faster than compared to the day before said patch ?
  • And I am sure more questions.

Again thank you and I truly do hope things Improve


@Roxx Sorry for the ping but I hope when you get a chance to read over . Thank You.

The GGG classic.
Announcement of an announcement of an announcement of an announcement.

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They sure know how to screw people over, couldn’t this fix had happen last week…in the small hot fix? Its as if they have no idea what this is doing to their game…on top of that they are minimally banning bots so their numbers don’t crash to less than 100k players…GFG

I agree with you, don’t mind waiting few weeks for new content. But this lack of communication and excuses is pissing me off.
This is 100% their fault even tho they didn’t developed the game. This is how good games are killed, when you don’t communicate.

Ask anybody who works in game industry, 8 hours of downtime every patch is definently not common. Patch for a patch for a patch, excuses, lies and silence.

I just wish SGR thinked over about who to publish with, because this is just amateur work at this point.

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