We have a date boys

“Sooooooooooooooooooooo…oooon” as our beloved CMs have been telling us since launch. We can be happy now its soon :))


The end of the pandemic : soon


This post provided so much information and was an incredibly insightful and unique approach thank you.

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This comment was very constructive, thank you (wait this thread will turn bad hahaha)

Sorry that length of time has been trademarked by a different company.


“it’s coming, the dragons are on their way” - GRRM in South Park

And here we go. A statement that does not even mention Abyss Trials and Heroic guardians for material gain, instead they add a new event next week. Next week part is important. We gotta suffer 1 more week and just to get 1 event for material instead of Abyss trials and Heroic Guardians.