We have no content, please do something


let me be clear, i want content and i’m sure we all want it.

I am 1400 and i’m literally mad i have nothing to do on my main after argos P3 i oneshot in 20min, i’m literally stacking all my mats for a futur valtan release, my playtime decrease each week due to the lack of content and the fact i gear better for the current content.

my alts are gearing to 1370 slowly because i have nothing else to do in this game.

Take this in consideration and stop delaying everything because some people won’t be 1370 ??? If they are not 1370 yet it’s because they started late or they dont do things correctly, there is tons of mats now and protection & honing books.

and ffs, release QoL now, why do you want to release them later than sooner ???

just to fake “Big Content Update” … that is not how it works, please just ease our pain.

PS: Money talking, release Valtan with hard mode so Whales and mini whales people will spend to get there so we will all be happy, there will be more content for everyone and ags will get money from whales, no point to wait for you as people will spend less.

TL;DR : Release Valtan & QOL asap


Take a break, do your dailies and log off.

If you are at 1400 with 1370 alts, you probably have over 700 hours of gameplay, you are burning out.

You know in KR the last raid was Abrelshuld in hard mode and that was 7 months ago. No new raid for 7 months. We will have Valtan next month so 2 months after Argos p3, sounds good to me at the rate we are.


Gratz don’t rush next time :slight_smile:


See this right here is the impossible situation the Devs are in because this game isn’t actually a new game.

If they release a raid too early like Argos, everyone complains that they are forcing P2W because the only people that can run it are people that paid money to rush to end game. (Not true for everyone but that was the complaint)

If they delay on releasing a raid until more of the players are able to run it day 1, they end up making the players at the top ilvl bored because they have finished relevant raid content and are stuck waiting for the next thing. This problem is made much worse by the fact that detailed guides from Korea are available on all new content that they can release because it’s actually old content that just hasn’t made it to the NA/EU version yet. So content gets cleared MUCH faster than it would be if it was actually brand new.

So the devs are in an impossible to please everyone scenario and no one on these forums gives a crap about anyone except themselves so they just complain that THEY personally aren’t being catered to.

In summary: the classic toxicity of an MMO playerbase.


The complaint about argos being too early was due to lack of material sources. If we had trial guardians and challange abyss as well I’d guess it wouldnt even be a problem


Or if they had just waited people would have naturally hit higher gear levels anyway. There is nothing wrong with the honing system except that it takes time, and all adding materials does is give players opportunities to spend more gold and silver in a shorter period of time to speed up the process.

You had people and actually STILL have people complaining they are running out of gold and silver and have tons of excess mats because it isn’t only mats that is required to hone gear.

As long as you’re regularly playing you WILL reach higher ilvls that’s always been true. So if they had just delayed Argos there wouldn’t have been as big of an outcry, but because they had so many players that DID spend money to power up to 1370 as fast as they did they thought it was an appropriate time to drop the raid to avoid dealing with THIS specific thread topic.

Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.


Blame these clowns who sit on the forums all day instead of playing the game begging them to not release content. It really makes no sense.


Let me rephrase that for you:
“I have no more content, because I am not interest in most of the content the game has to offer”.

Or do you belong to the 0.xxx1% of the players that has all continents on 100%, all collectibles and so on?
This would mean you have spent a lot of money and played nearly all the time since release. As someone else that: take a break.

This game has tons of content to offer. If you don’t like searching for Mokokos, grinding Adventure Tome stuff and so on, well then yes: just wait it out.

And while you’re waiting: use the search function of the forum and read (at least one) of the other threads claiming that there is “no content” and what others think about this theory:


They made this problem themself but now they are stuck with either saying sorry and actually fixing stuff or just continue the cut content releases

And ofc we all know from the roadmap and that south vern will not even be full content what they choose right

So yeah we get drip feed cut content u have to live with it

could you stop say as content the 100% continents that ask TIME or WHALE with rapports ?

only agree with you, they released Argos too early (considering our materials generation) and they will release Valtan too late (considering the events)
so they gonna lose hardcore gamer after losing casual gamers
im sitting at 1410, alt 1370 and 1340 and im just waiting for the content that made Lost Ark a good game

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always so funny seeing all these npcs calling collecting mokokos content XD


Hey remember what happened when they released Argos? Pepperidge farm remembers

PS: they will wait till many people are ‚ready‘ for valtan :wink:

So only because you and some other think, the only thing that you can call “content” is endless grind of instances e.g. Argos or Valtan makes it irrelevant that other people like me can simply enjoy to collect stuff or even simply enjoy some beautiful game design by traveling the world.

Thanks that you say, that several people are not entitled to have an opinion and everyone needs to share yours.


But thats ags fault tho

Cut content etc no honing buffs

People always flame omg with all mat and honing buff we would be to fast whats the problem the goal was to release content fast anyway

With that we atleast wouldve had alot players in t3 and content could be easier activated

But now with cut version and the first failure of fast telease they fuckef themselves up

Ofc they will never really admit it so we keep gettin the cycle of cut content until no one but hard lovers play or until abu is there but with this cut content slow pace that would be like 2023

If ags would just listen and do that shit

People say but kr had it after valtan etc yes ofc but why do we have to repeat the mistakes when we have the fixes

You are the ferrari now and you get to the pay to lose state.

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Yeah release Valtan cuss the 0.1% whaled to 1400 ilvl /s

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Don’t rush next time genius

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May be true for kr but people here are basically done with everything until kuku but thats their fault

Kr made the game good for casuals and f2p

Our version is good for p2w

No one cares if a whale is done with everything but they care if they cant do the content

And la is known for being able to be a 3h andy and still do content

Thanks for complaining you clowns. Now we get Vykas in fall.