"We hear feedback" is not hearing feedback unless it impacts the decisions Amazon makes!

I’m sorry @Roxx , I’ve been nothing but sympathetic and kind to CMs so far in these forums but I have to say I’m incredibly disappointed. First off, you stopped responding to people who are complaining about the Roadmap and class release, especially when people say something that is actually rational and make sense. We try to reason and make sense when we raise concerns, and get ignored for it.

You say you have to “consider data” among with player feedback.
Well, here is my data.

There have been multiple polls on Reddit and on these forums, where 60%-70% of thousands and thousands of players polled say they are not happy with the current state of the game, nor the current class release schedule. Around 70% also agreed that these decisions might kill this game.

Zeals made a poll for classes once a month vs. every two months, with thousands of participants, where above 60% of players preferred once a month.

There are multiple videos on YouTube, including Lowe’s, that have tens and thousands of views and thousands of likes (in less than 24 hours after posting) that are about how Amazon is killing this beautiful game.

There are complaint posts on Reddit every other hour, which the Reddit community usually hates, but they still have thousands of upvotes almost every time.

There are multiple streamers with tens and thousands of viewers who talk about how toxic, unfair, and unappreciative this roadmap is toward the player base (while some of these streamers even think the Legion raids are coming too quickly; I’m not giving names to not throw anyone under the bus).

If this is not data, ridiculously significant data that refers to how more than 20k-50k players (approximately) feel about the state of this game right now (which is a sample size of 6% considering the Steamcharts number, even if there were no bots in the game…), I don’t know what is.

I don’t know what data your team is looking at, but if this is the same team that created the data for New World, maybe Amazon should consider that their “data” and “business intelligence” have a much higher tendency to be wrong and fail as one of the biggest companies in the world with infinite resources without a single successful game in 10 years. I tried being nice, rational, and provide constructive and logical criticism (you can check my profile), which clearly doesn’t work and gets ignored when it doesn’t fit Amazon’s plans. All I can say is I was very impressed by this game, and I’m not here to threaten to quit because I’m not a child, but you brought me from feeling good about spending money for a game I appreciated, to never spending another dime on this game, and I promise you I’m not the only one.


Well said :fist:

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They made their stance clear. They ‘listen’ but don’t actually care at all.

At the end of the day words are just words, if I don’t see things changing in the game those words means nothing.
You have the perfect example in WoW, people always get hyped on expansions,the dev team is listening,we’re going back to our roots yada yada and in the end it’s always the same and Blizz keeps doing money out of copium. The very same is happening right now with the new expansion and the reality is,it does not matter what they say or try to change/hype, until it releases and people see ‘‘the words’’ coming to life, the ‘‘we’re listening to your feedback’’ is most probably just another cash-grab.

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well said, its sad that this game is managed so bad. You will get the the usual " we appreciate your feedback and will consider and talk with the develoepr bla bla bla * shoving the note in to the thrash if any reply at all

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Keep in mind this is also Smilegate to blame as well. Who is to blame doesn’t matter at the end of the day though… what matters is we have positive change, not regurgitated PR bs spoonfed to us after things are starting to look up. The way the roadmap started with the class release cadence was a horrible way to “build up the hype” as they say. No one cares about building up hype for these releases, we just want the class in the game already instead of chasing a carrot on a stick. Classes are not something you should taunt people with as an insecure measure to make your game good… it’s not content, it’s something you have to work on for months and years on end grinding up ilvl and your build.


They can’t respond, they are busy deleting posts and threads 🫣 that’s why it’s called CM


i just don’t understand why you guys are overreacting this much about this. it’s not like there is 10 classes left and ur class is gonna be after 3 years. in 7 months all the classes will be out. You guys need to chill a bit and just play and enjoy what you can and if not just take a break till what you want happens.

10 months, and this is not little time

How is it 10 there is 4 classes left

Arcanist, Summoner, Scouter, Reaper,Artist

Oh wasn’t counting arcana

But still 10 months isn’t that long.

It’s funny to see how people think that his own opinion is the opinion of everyone else…

We got the latest KR balance changes, which are in accordance to having all classes released, Especially in PvP balancing classes where the class “counter” may not be even released may prove to be big problem

I honestly still don’t see why is this a big problem.

Can i ask you a question?

What are you trying to accomplish by writing in this post?
We are trying to get heard and trying to change what we dont like and are disappointed with.
And we are disappointed, because the game is something we like.

What you trying to do exactly?

I like the game too. What I’m trying to do is calming people down a bit. Cause you guys are acting like it’s an independence war. And that’s toxic. this forum isn’t for boycotts it’s for feedback .it was said once that the class release is too slow and I’m pretty sure they saw it. You just need to wait and hope for the best. Not making 10 million posts about the same topic. we can’t see if there is another problem because of that.

I’m not saying I’m good with this decision. but we need to clam down a bit for sure this is not how things are done. Maybe u are calm but most aren’t my words are to them.

Pretty sure you wont calm anyone (AGS/SG are those who can). Making 1 post is same as accepting things and saying “whatever”. The problem is big enough and the 10 million posts are even little - we need more posts. And if some topic is more important than this one i am sure it will be heard. And this is Feedback - like it or not.