We just need some transparency about the roadmap

We all knew its been working behind the curtain
we all knew you can’t share any content at this moment
But there is one thing you can do and that’s enough for most of us here, which is letting us know if the roadmap is gonna release this current week or not.
If the answer is yes, okay, good job for you all!
if the answer is no, give us an update next Monday! Simple enough, huh?

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It will release at 14th of April alongside the patch no worries /s

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That’s the puzzle pieces they’re trying to figure out, what week and what year to release the roadmap. Very difficult, please be patient! It’s coming SOON TM



If they have the roadmap completed to a state that they can give an accurate release date without slipping (which let’s be honest, would clearly tick this forum off far more than they already are), why not just release it instead?

That’s the big issue with this kind of thing. Estimates are hard, and this isn’t like an estimate for a video game where you can just cut content to make the timeline.

These post are usually so dumb since none of the normies understand anything outside of their little bubble. If they did have the RM ready they would’ve told you that. No one is going to want to see “sorry it isn’t ready, we will let you know next week”. If the current responses aren’t good enough for you, nothing will be, you’ll just whine even more than you already are.