We just want answers

This is not about what the issues are or what we need to change them. That’s for other posts. People want to know what’s to come in the future. The issue is there is no roadmap. There is no future in the people’s eyes. This is end of the line or the world or however you look at it. The answer isn’t we’re working on it. The answer is we’ll have new roadmap in a week or two weeks or whatever you set. There needs to be a standard. Of yes we messed up but here’s when we are going to tell you how we will fix. Someone said in an earlier post that people are on edge. To many gaming companies have put out hot garbage for people play. The people are tired. People just want something to look forward to. As Zeal said we just want daddy. We want daddy to come give us answers or talk or something.

I personally am just enjoying the game. 370 hours played chilling at 1355 item level. I’m not upset about the raid or anything. I’m upset that there’s no answer of a future. Also that there’s no standard it’s just Willy Nilly so to speak. What happened to New World, AGS answered to slow. Just that simple. No one addressed the problems and were to slow to answer. No one expects it to be fixed overnight. Well some people do but that besides the point.

I’m enjoying the game hands down, but what worries me is there is no plan. There is no future so to speak. No one is here giving any answers to anything. Just we’re working on it. Give us something please.