We listen to Feedback

  • Ignores suggestions on Pheons for Stone
  • Ignores Shadowhunter color complains
  • Ignores complains about drop rate of Sea Maps from Shipwrecks
  • Ignores complains about game news posting hours
  • Ignores complains about using the current Market - too many users/10sec waiting time
  • Ignored lying to the community about keeping Pheons, even if they were free
  • Ignores issues with the Friend list feature
  • Ignores reported issues about unstable Client/Servers
    … and the list just increases every damn week.

Why does this section exist again?


It was implicit, but don’t forget:

  • Ignores PvP
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You ppl need to look at the glass half full instead of half empty all the time. Theyve listened to quite a bit. Just because you cant beat your meat to a shadowhunter that looks more like a shadow than your hot aunt doesnt mean they dont listen to feedback.