We lost the legendary skins pretty much permanently - they are not going to return and heres the reasons why

Everything is out of reach when the majority are just kids who don’t even have a job while living on pocket money chasing the tails of the spenders. So if you cant have it, no one can? Learn to accept your lot in life, or be ambitious enough to aim higher. God damn freeloader.

If the skins really end up being gone forever, blame SG, not AGS for finally making a good decision.

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For each passing month the amount of players left to buy the skins decreases significantly, that is why planning to launch ugly before good skins is a bad strategy.

With the amount of good skins available and in production, releasing good skins should have been the right strategy from the begining.

The amount of copium flowing around is unbelievable when we see people talking about the release cycle of skins lasting for years…LoL.

question to you sir, why have they not removed cardpacks if thats the issue?

they are more p2w, more predatory, more power and worse rates and harder rng lootboxes then yoz jar

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if the availability of a skin that literally gives u 1% stat boost makes you quit - go ahead.
Its not like this is a reason for quitting and especially not for “most of us”

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Lol what a douche

Bikini suit, pool party suit etc are ugly, i dont know why we’ve skin like that in fantasy game lmao

I need more omen skin, less trash skin like bikini and sht

Skin sets are personal taste and a lot of skins can be improved with dye. There are plently of Noble Banquets with good dye that makes the skin look good, the recent Dawn skins aren’t bad either for some classes. Paladin is fine, Striker, Scrapper, Sorc, Artillerist all have good skins and i can’t speak for the rest. Uma skins imo actually look pretty good and much better than Lawmaker.

We’ll get the legendary skins soon and who cares what Korea deems ugly, they all wear Bikinis, suits and street wear.

Yep, said the same thing.

No pet farm = less cosmetics
No skin crafting = less cosmetics
No legendary skins and no boxes = less cosmetics

If you like having a nice looking character or having skins, you must hate playing on this version.

As for the legendary skins pretty much never coming back, they will not add them to the game in a way where it’s superior to what KR has to do to get them. This is a given. Until they rework the system on KR (lol) we’ll pretty much never see them again. So yeah, take the W if you want to treat it as one, no lootbox :nerd_face: in my less of a game.

I think you misunderstood, at the current rate of skins we’re looking at 2-3 years from now. I usually don’t play the same game for more than a few years. Not saying I would quit because they don’t release the jar skin immediatly.

Source = make shit up bc mad at no gambling skins. Good riddance.

That’s your comeback argument? No wonder you saw it as “out of reach”, most things will be out of reach for you with that feeble mindset.

w/e jus gimme booba skins

its not the stat boost but the skin itself

the same thing could be said in reverse no? is it such a big deal to let us have them?

This is why people should be leaving this game in droves. This company chooses business analytics over player happiness everyday of the week. That’s why we’re not getting scouter. That’s why we’re not getting Artist. That’s why we’re not getting summer skins. They want to stretch you as thin as they can, dangle the carrot in front of you as long as they can. Don’t prove them right. F*ck smilegate’s shameful milking of the global servers.

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dont get me wrong - I do love to get my hands on the skins and yet people are literally complaining about everything. this is a f2p game so just take what you get^^

“we lost the legendary skins”, cool rather lose them than have lootboxes in the game.


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u have cardpacks tho lol why u still here

WTF, lots of the Umar skins look great.

Dunno wtf you smoking to say these are lawmaker 2.0, maybe an eye test is required.

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