We need 1 class per year and 1 power pass

I cant figure out why we have to feel special somehow? I would love from AGS to release each class same timing period of other regions. When everything is equal then people will stop comparing, every issue in the world starts when you compare yourself with others.

Slowly achieve it. No need to rush things. We aren’t in a race. Life isn’t a race where we have to beat and compete with each other on who’s the fastest.

Taking things slowly allows you to appreciate the small things in the journey. It gives you this special moment where you rewire yourself that this what I want.



if i don’t get instant gratification i’m going to make an angry forum post


:joy::joy::joy: wtf is this nonsense


At this point I would love for them to say fuck it and just slowly release one class per year just to mess with the whiners. Would make all the entitled baboons on this forum lose their shit, and I’m all for it, lol.


Bruh what?
Not even Korea gets 1 power pass and 1 class per year.


Yeah same, I’d pay to see that :smiley:
I just hope they dont bow down to these complaints…

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Obviously a troll post that wants nothing but attention.

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You will never understand the deep meaning of my words, your ilvl is still low for such topics

Seemingly a troll post but if by some tiny chance it isn’t…

Problem is they claim they want to have this version at the same content level which I would think would make future development far easier than this catch up jig. Given that, you can’t keep going slow as that just prolongs what you claim you want to reach.

They should just release everything asap and get to the point where nobody can be complaining about this being delayed or that being released too early, which would be nice for this forum because it’s tiresome seeing the same threads every day about this stuff. If the entire game’s content is out there in front of them then people can simply deal with it. I started up a 10 year old game (Guild Wars 2) recently that has loads of content and I’m not crying that there is all that content that I have in front of me which will take time to get to.

I really don’t think a slower drip of content is all that much better financially, if at all better. I think it is one of those theories people believe in where they assume that having some new content or class release every month or so will keep people being excited and bring others in/back but they forget that delaying stuff like classes will just make some lose interest and move on, especially if/when they grow tired of the repetitiveness of doing the same stuff every day. I bet there are more people that are going to move on from the game soon than those that are going to come back when X class or content is released.


I really hope from now on when they release new class powerpasses to be paid and to cost minimum 30 dollars. All lazy people who can’t play the game 4 hours more will need to pay. This every day complaining for everything is getting horrendous. I though LoL forum was toxic but here is another new level.

True Delay Valtan for another 4months please so we can be 1 with the other regions.

I’d rather get a job at MCdonalds and work for 4 hours than to do the lveling process again lmao.

Its deep even more into a culture of not appreciating whats on the plate and wanting more for free? The company is dealing with alot of people coming from different stigmas and different ages and countries, while Korea is 1 culture so are RU. There will not be 1 right decision, Also it will be always like a scale where the louder sound will affect management decisions.

How much does AGS take into consideration the feedback of community into their decision making?
What is the main driver of AGS decision making into Lost Ark, do they rely on their system meters and numbers dont lie ? What if it showed from before that this is the right decision before hand, but they wanted to let the community to feel they were in their mind while taking decision ?

Remember you are investing your time here and time is from gold, What is the next strategy for AGS?

Many and many questions and all of them are on higher level of thinking

That’s what you want, not what I want…

look at who is op…
How could this be anything else than a troll post ? :’)

Also, i personally don’t care about powerpass.
bern knowledge transfer is enough to get a class t3 in less than 1 week… then, you get all t3 mats ready… and lets go

“Oh the game is free? So what? I want more free stuff or i quit.”

It’s a troll post and the sad part is that people are actually buying into it just to spite people they deem “the whiners”.



You could get 10 characters to t3 before a new class comes out if they released one every year

I’m really struggling to see the appeal in constantly creating alt accounts to make obv troll posts on forums