We need a balance between 21:9 and 16:9, black bars are bad

So could you guys think of any way we could have a better vision using 16:9 or maybe reduce the vision from 21:9 becasue we need a balance between both of them, is really terrible for 16:9 using 21:9 (Its also horrible for streams, its really bad to watch streams on twitch having those blackbars everywhere) and probably would be really bad for 21:9 if they were forced to use 16:9. Couldnt we have a balance between both or maybe give it fog of war to 21:9 players?


I appreciate you making a suggestion on how to fix it rather than just demanding “FIX IT!”

I was thinking maybe just make the black bars on screen optional i.e. stretch the image to fill the screen when a box is checked. I know it would cause a distorted image but at least the option would be there for those who can’t stand the bars on the screen but want a better gameplay FOV. I’m sure there are numerous ways to fix this even better though.

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Suggestion so you don’t have to deal with a forced aspect ratio… is to force the aspect ratio for someone else? Would hardly consider that constructive.

21:9 offers you an equal and fair aspect ratio. If you don’t want to use it… don’t.

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The way your reply is worded can easily be read as unconstructive or not contributing to the topic, but I’m gonna chalk this reply up to, “It’s fine as is.” Thanks for your feedback.

I hope they wont change it, the game looks so good on an ultrawide monitor, and I can tell when someone doesn’t have 21:9 in island PvP: they don’t attack me while I can see them and I can prepare my oneshot combo safely.

My suggestion would be to buy an ultrawide monitor if you don’t have one, it’s just better overall, and not just for lost ark but for everything.

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I have a 21:9 screen and my second monitor is 16:9. One thing I noticed is that the black bars actually give you an advantage because you can click off screen without accidentally clicking random buttons.

Not saying this is a fix or a fair trade-off, just making an observation.

we are already forced to use 21:9 aspect ratio or we just dont win specially in PvP but its terrible with those black bars

they could put like fog of war at least for PVP that makes huge difference but it could work as well for PVE, fog of war would not make it bad for 21:9 players.

Exactly, making it look better for one would make it look bad for the other. Just get an ultrawide monitor, you won’t regret it!! And not just in lost ark but even for working and everyday use!

Are you homeless? Its simple, just buy a house.

Theres a way to dont make it bad for both for sure, they just didnt invest on it yet.

I did explain situation in other threads. In PvP you do not have “Side Scroller” mode, Each view of opposing team is rotated by 90 degrees.
This means that you can be shot offscreen by other 16:9 users if you stand in wrong position. And that 16:9 user can offscreen users that have 21:9 and stand in wrong position.

Generally, wrong positions are when you go down and in right direction if you start at left side from your point of view. Or going down and into left direction when you start on right side from your point of view.

In other words, 21:9 only exaggerates effect of good vs wrong positioning. And this 90 degree rotation is actually balancing fix for existence of any non-square screen. (Yes, all screens are non-square and only balanced screen is square screen. Nobody has that. Want it fair, then suggestion would be Fog of War in circular shape. And 16:9 will have to sacrifice 7 out of 16 width units.)

Are you asking why only circular vision would be fair when “nerfing” takes place? Well, there are 16:10 screens which have less wider view than 16:9. And if 16:9 are eligible to demand nerfing of 21:9 screens then 16:10 are eligible to demand nerf of 16:9 screens.
Then someone with 4:3 screen ratio (1600x1200) comes and demand nerf of 16:10 screens because there is precedence for nerfing.
And right after someone with old 5:4 screen (1280x1024) does same to 4:3 screeners.

See, nonsensical. Secondly we in west may think that 16:9 are common screens. Well sorry. Game revolves around Korea. Our display market is 4~5 years behind theirs. 21:9 is common resolution there.

Now drop of reality.
Someone has quite affordable 35’’ 21:9 screen with 3440x1440. Has good FoV.
Next to him is guy with 50’’ 16:9 - 4K screen (same price) which enables 21:9 mode. His effective game area is actually 46’’ in diameter, and his resolution is 3840x1648. (Yes, in any sense better than regular 35’’ 21:9 screen, except he sees black bars above and below.)

So when someone with 24~38’’ 16:9 screen complains about existence of 21:9 mode, they complain about their choice not to buy larger 16:9 screen or not buying Cinematic format 21:9 screen.

Now, to not be so triggering on every step. 21:9 screens have disadvantages too. Not in LA, but in any game that has locked horizontal FoV instead of Vertical. Like Counter Strike. If you have 5:4 screen you can see same angle to sides as 21:9, but 21:9 is almost blind in vertical angle in comparison.

Nothing is for free, would you enforce black bars on 16:9 gamers in CS just of acommodate fair play for 21:9? I would not. People chose screens it has consequences. Fact that SMG added virtual 21:9 for other aspect ratios is actually showing that they cared and did think about problem.

Their solution of 90° rotation of viewports is good and smart. People that complain did not know about it, or did not comprehend how this game mechanic works. (I expect OP simply did not know.)


This entire thread/arguement is unconstructive.

21:9 aspect ratio is superior. It’s why the advantage exists in the first place.
Your first option is to buy a 21:9 monitor, but people whining about this don’t want to do that. Ok. They also have the option to force the aspect ratio and keep their current monitor, but people are whining and complaining about this too. Or they can simply make due with what they have and be at a minor disadvantage.

They refuse 3 already possible solutions and the only “solution” they seem to want is “inconvenience someone else so that I personally am not as inconvenienced as I am.”

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In the winter LOA event the director said they are implementing a fix to the view so that you can see more in 16.9.

However. The real fix, is upgrading to a 21:9 monitor. You are missing out.


I ran into so many issues with my ultrawide in games, just wasn’t worth it, upgraded to a 1440p 144hz 16:9 and haven’t looked back.

The thing is that in most of games 21:9 also bring a disadvantage that would be it takes more time to move the mouse but it doesnt happens on Lost Ark, there is only advantages. The problem is that 21:9 cant be the main resolution since 16:9 is a lot more used, also for streams 16:9 that is the main thing also, streamers need to be at 16:9 so every stream has a black bar because of that. I just think they need to find a way to balance both and who has 21:9 dont be with a giga advantage or also who force 21:9 on 16:9 also dont get a black bar (the best should be dont need to force it obvious).
People for sure will be watching less Lost Ark streams because every single one that i see has black bar.

(Data from Steam website)

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And thats a really good news but it should be really balance in my opinion since as I told, majority of players in the world are 16:9 users.

I also bought a 21:9 monitor years ago.
I wasn’t sure if the 21:9 ratio was better than the 16:9, so I switched back to 16:9 a few years later.
After that I was sure that the 21:9 ratio was worse :joy:
16:9 just fits better. In 21:9 it’s not really possible to balance the peripheral vision.

In the case of Lost Ark the solution is plain simple.
Just let everyone zoom out more.

just dont force it in 16:9, game is totally playable in 16:9, you force it only if you tryhard arena
And same with CS GO - you buy good mouse and 144hz monitor for tryhard.
In Lost Ark you can Buy 21:9 monitor to again not gain advantage ( bcs other ppl can force it ) but have better experience for tryhard.
Main focus of the game is PVE ( if you havent got the hinch yet ) There is definetly no reason to make PVE worse for 21:9 users when its so much better in 21:9.

Are ppl in CSGO that have 60hz monitor raging that the game should be capped at 60 Hz? It sounds riduculous right…


of course you do have advantage running 21:9 or do you think its easier to see the game with tiny words when forcing 21:9 on 16:9? Also you dont need to make it worst for 21:9 to make it better for 16:9. Also dont you get the watch streams with a lot of streamers running 21:9 is a lot boring and for a game to success it need to succeed on twitch as well.

And yes you are giving us a ridiculous comparison lmao, you are not 100% better of someone just because you are using 144hz instead of 60hz, you wont reach global just because you have 144hz and of course it doesnt means all 60hz will be stucked on silver, its just a ridiculous comparison. And yes again, the focus of the game right now is PVE but they are making a lot like A LOT of pvp implementations to make the game better for pvp as well so you cant say its the focus of the game and they dont care about pvping.

The focus of the topic is say that we shouldnt force 21:9 if we run 16:9 to play a fair game compared to other players. Maybe in KR most of players use 21:9 monitors but in west for sure we dont.