We need a better system to combat the gold-selling bots

Everyone is reporting them quickly, and their messages continue to persist for 1-2 hours.

We need faster bans on gold selling bots. Is Amazon working on anything that would expedite this process?


The funny thing is there is another post bitching about the auto ban system and how its unfair and should not be allowed. I personally agree with you.

In a perfect world i would love to see something like this. If 10 accounts flag you as a gold seller then the account should enter a soft lock until AGS confirms it and perma bans you. If people are abusing the system then the people that reported all catch 4 week bans and the person soft lock gets some kind of comp if it takes more then 12 hours for AGS to handle it.


Easy solution:

  • Let players buy gold from other players using Royal Crystals

It cuts out the middleman. People are going to buy gold, period. Trying to prevent it is like trying to drain the ocean with a spoon. This is an issue that has plagued MMO communities ever since the dawn of their creation.

Just bite the bullet. It’d increase revenue for the game, rather than that revenue being spent on random bot-farming websites, and it’d allow F2P players to access premium currency without having to pay with anything but their time.

Win-win? Or am I missing something.

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I mean all they would really have to do is flag “www” and “gold” and I’m sure the success rate would be very high

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that seems like a fair assessment

Wouldn’t whales be able to control the market then?

Dont they now?

Good point actually, didn’t consider that.