We NEED a kingdom of fear!

The price was an example.

The method has been proven in real life not to work. Ever hear about the war on drugs. Where they thought the same thing? Lets get rid of all the drug users and the drug dealers would disappear due to lack of demand. The spent hundreds of millions incarcerating people on drug charges even weed. They put them in prison for a decade which costs them addition hundreds of millions. Guess what the drugs kept flowing and new people started buying. They spent hundreds of millions in tax money to do nothing but lock up people for various drugs including weed which is now being legalized in many states. So yes it has been proven not to work you want to stop RMT? Stop it at the source go after the dealers and cartels not the users.

I read enough lol. This isnt a “real life problem” and is NOT a really good case to interpolate with the game. Nor dealers nor consumers injects lots of NEW currency to the market. The consumers dont affect the whole economy by buying… REALLY, LOL. Your point is SO FLAWED. Next.

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I would say Ru-LostArk method vs RMT is best:

No ban, instead -gold (twice amount of RMTed gold). Then they will often buy royal crystals to get back to +

Yeah I dont care. As long as they get a REALLY GOOD PUNISHMENT.

You seem to think its flawed but the example is almost exactly the same situation. You have dealers the Bot companies and you have users the players that RMT. Which do you try to get rid of. Which is easier to detect and fairly asses and give the appropriate punishment.

Bots aren’t real players they should do everything in their power to focus on removing bots. Give the RMTers are different penalty but not a perma ban because they did it for various reasons which could have been avoided if they removed the bots earlier before it became a massive problem.

What is wrong with enforcing the TOS? If you are a grown ass human you should be able to take accountability for your decisions.

Yes destroy the source of the problem, but also deal with offenders. I like the idea of 3 month bans. The offenders should not feel compelled to start over since they have investment in a character that will be available to play within a certain time period. Starting over would be a waste for them while also not eliminating a customer for the company.

Nothing wrong with it. Just my opinion that permabanning someone for making a mistake is not a good. Especially if they generally play the game and support the game. I would much rather AGS focus on stopping bots which they seem to be doing so I’m happy with that.

Yeah take accountability for your actions take a suspension or get your account rolled back to pre purchase but a perma ban is pretty extreme.


damn I really made a mistake buying counterfeit dollars on the deep web, please officer be kind to me, wrist slap + 3 days ban is enough é_è. I promise I wont do it again


Using bots or buying gold from Chinese sellers is not a mistake. It’s something that they did on purpose. Perma ban is what they deserve. Even if they bought 1000 gold.


I guess making a bad decision never happens everyones perfect. Drug addicts shouldn’t be a thing, alcoholics should not exist, you should never die in game.

It is a bad decision which in turn is a mistake. The same way people make bad decisions in life doesn’t mean that doing crack one time should ruin your life forever. You guys act high and mighty like you’re perfect but I’m sure you’ve done things you’ve regretted.

Then we should release everyone from prison that had their first crime because it was a mistake. Right ?

:exclamation: And doing drugs will ruin your life forever :exclamation:

Yeah they actually did this and release people that were incarcerated during the war on drugs.

Lol care to prove my point even more?

In what country ?

Your point is that anybody can be a criminal because first time does not count, right ?
I can get away with murder with anything because it is my first time and it was a mistake, correct ?

This country you live under a rock?

Obviously you do if you think like that or your are a criminal yourself.

People in jail for weed possession for 10 years is a crime. Look at it now like its legal in half the states. I would say the criminal here is the people that proposed and passed the laws that put the in jail. I’m looking at Money Biden.