We need a mentality change

Hey guys.

I really think we got a problem already, and it grows every day.
We want everything fast, and we want everything simple - and don’t get me wrong - I do want that too (that’s why I don’t run guardians on my alts).

Yet, we start to create a weird mentality. We refuse people with lower ilvl. We refuse not over geared people, we refuse non-meta builds. And this is a problem.

New players won’t be overgeared - especially not in T1 and T2. Also not in the early T3 stages. These people need the Abyss Raids and guardians the most. Yet we refuse to play with them because they are not alts or geared. They are - more or less - forced to queue for matchaking - where the team is pretty unbalanced (2 supports or no supports) or get matched with the same bad / ungeared people.
So instead of refusing them, we should play with them and help them to reach t3.

Also we should give non-meta builds a chance to participate in Abyssraids like Argos or Orehas well. There is no reason to play meta in the current state of the game, since everything is pretty much doable in a good amount of time - you just need to play the mechanics.

I am currently a 1400 Sharpshooter with 4x3 engravings and for now I not even inspected one person in my raids. Not even in Argos p1-p3. They got the required ilvl? They in! and guess what - I never had problems in any run.

So please, don’t let us become like the Korean server where you will not be accepted if you are non-meta. :confused:


I only inspect glaiviers to figure out how much longer my raid is going to take.

like news players would ever see lategame content with how fast the market’s fucked by bots haha.
at best they’ll quit early t3.