We need a practice mode for raid

Some of the raids are mechanically challenging, speaking from a veteran player point of view, for many players. This is especially true for beginners.

I think we should have a practice mode for raids like the Legion raids. In this mode, we do not get any rewards whatsoever, no loot, no exp, nothing. Just simply practice. Perhaps the consumable is free/recoverable in this mode.

It will be a great way to practice and also introduce our newbie friends into the the raid, teaching them how to clear the difficult mechs. There are times where I want to reenter a dungeon to teach my friends the mechs, tips and tricks to clear the dungeons but can’t due to weekly lock out. I think the practice mode will help with this.


no we dont need that. This is my first MMORPG. You can just watch youtube and learn the mechanics, everything else is practice and needs some time. enjoy the raid with your group, its the only thing that brings happiness and is not boring like doing chaos runs or other stuff

Some of my guildmates would agree with this, they wish they could practice the mechanics before the real fight and not just looking at video/reading a text guide, because they feel so pressured “not to fail” even though in our guild static group, it’s fine to fail and progress together.

Different people also have different speeds of learning; some people just need to watch it one time and can play it perfectly, while some others need many more tries and with just 1 Legion Raid / week lockout, it’s impossible to practice enough for said people, if the goal is to ‘clear the content’ and not ‘wipe around for training’.


There is a practice mode, its called wiping.

Keep at it.

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The Problem is, that sometimes you might die after 3 minutes and the rest of the grp kills the boss.
Then you “reclear” the Raid next week in theory although in practice it will still be your first run.

I agree that a practice mode only makes sense if consumables aren’t being used up though.

I think the way the other regions did it with koku and brelshaza, having a tuned down version you can do on Alts is actualy the way to go.
It has the best of both worlds.

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Yes they did add in a practice mode with kuku’s mech. It was rare to get that mech in the actual game so players don’t get enough practice and end up wiping cause of it.

Well same is to be said for Vykas now. I’d argue even Valtan is tough enough for a good number of people.

I am sitting in a perfectly comfortable spot of having a good static group. We “practice” by running these actual raids for hours.
A good number of people, however, are not fortunate enough to do so. It really sucks for them to experience this.
So I think with the practice mode, they’ll get a better chance of pugging it.


We dont have those raids yet.

Its literally been 2 days since vykas. Just rack up attempts and keep trying. Don’t be discouraged by other region vets already completing content because they literally been doing it for months.

I think the point of practice mode is missed here.

The point is to introduce our friends to more content in this game. There are a good number of people who have never attempted even argos p1. I know some, and their main reasons are 1. don’t know the mech. 2. their party always flame them, relating to number 1, and 3, they don’t get enough practice cause the party disban too quickly.

Now apply the same concept to something like Vykas. They’ll never get to even the middle of gate 1.

Just Fyi, I’ve cleared Vykas already.

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We dont? Picture a new player starting the game. He hits 1415. What is he gonna do? Cant find a party to do valtan normal because everybody that does those are ALT RUNS RECLEAR and will not let anyone in with a low roster level or without 4x3s. So whats their choice? Pray that some alt run lets them in? Hope that they can find 7 players in the exact same situation in which case they’ll just die a bunch get tired and give up? Or pay for a solo bus because well what else can they do. And dont get me started on HM runs lol lot of big whale or players with a lot more time on the game enjoy the benefit of having multiple characters that can do the same raid and so they do multiple times a week, getting tons of practice and experience but if you are more of a 1 main player, good luck finding a group thatd take you. There should be a way to practice against bosses. It doesnt have to be the exact raid. Just pick a boss like vykas, pick a gate and run each mech against you solo or whatever. Something that would allow people to practice and at least learn basic attack patterns


dont you know if you keep failing the mech people will report you ? and you get ban !

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I think this is an amazing idea, not only just for new players, but to allow friends to play together regardless. it promotes friendship and healthy gaming. big fan of this idea.