We need a way to move accounts

The devs are trying their best to create new servers and region zones to calm down the surge of new players and quell the insane que times.
But honestly, I feel like 90% of the playerbase that claimed items or spent their week grinding (if not more) would rather stay in the que times than lose their progress.
It would be great if they would implement and account migration, claimable once.
That way, even older players would consider moving to a less crowded server.
That is my oppinion at least, but here’s to hoping.

Love you all! Have fun.


Fully agree with this sentiment especially given the recent introduction of server transfers for the Korean client. :pray:

Would be a nice move 12/10

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If I could move my entire roster to the new servers, without sacrificing anything, I would in a second


The new servers feel like a waste of time for anyone already started. I put hours in my character, i don’t want to just scrap it, never mind loose the skins, founders pack, head start and crystalline buff time.