We need an English CM to comment on the Valtan Entry loss

Silence for this long doesn’t help anybody. I was able to read a German CM respond to a player today that he would not receive his lost entry ticket caused by DC because his group killed the boss while he was offline. This doesn’t help people whose whole group were DC and the boss in the instance was never killed so nobody was able to get loot but they all still lost their entry. The way the German CM worded it sounded like he wouldn’t receive his ticket because the boss was killed, but our boss was not killed and nobody in our groups got any loot, but we were still locked out for the week.

We all fully expect that we will not get our entry back at this point and that is OK but English CMs just avoiding these topics for 3 days is the worst thing they can do.


I agree. My friend D/c’d right as we were about to kill the gate 1 boss. We tried to not kill the long for a while but since the game takes 5 minutes to even boot we had to kill it otherwise we’d lose our pug support. It ended up where he couldn’t even attempt gate 2 with us later in the week because he didn’t even get another ticket to attempt gate 1.

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…bump. This is maddening


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Hi there – apologize for the late response on this topic, I do not think you are being ignored but I have just traveled to Korea so have been away on planes and in different time zones and am a little bit out of the loop as I catch back up.

Some details on the way tickets are returned are available here: Update to Timed and Ticketed Content Lockouts

Please keep in mind that the current system will only allow for access to be re-granted for players who experience a verified crash or outage issue on the game server side; this will not cover local internet issues or other potential causes of disconnects. Additionally, receiving your replacement weekly entry may not be immediate — delivery could take up to a day, and the appropriate ticket will be delivered to your in-game mailbox when it arrives.

If this is the case and you haven’t received your ticket, please put in a ticket with support so they can look into things! Lost Ark - Support | Amazon Games


Isn’t it kind of pointless if all the support responses are “you’ll get it if you get it”?

All their response is “its handled by the system, we can’t do anything about it”


Can it be used next lockout? There is barely any time yet till the weekly reset.


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Out of curiosity, can you speak to the rationale behind re-granting access ONLY to those affected by server side issues? I would hazard a guess that the majority of disconnects may be due to random, sudden router issues, ISP outages, weather, etc.

Is it by design? If so, why? Is it due to some other limitation? If so, are there any plans to change it?

Because as a player, the current system brings me zero extra sense of security or value.


Maintenance isn’t one of the server issues either according to support…


Probably because it’s exploitable if they can’t track the disconnects themselves.

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If we didn’t have some of these limitations in place, there would be nothing stopping players from repeatedly rage quitting or trolling by cutting internet and harming the experiences of others; it’s a bit difficult


I dont think you are fully aware of the issue at hand based on your above comment of traveling. A large mass of players have been DC’ed due to the emergency maint and just being in a Valtan Party was enough to lock tons of players out. This is a HUGE deal as players have worked for months to attempt Valtan and are unable to even participate. This isnt your one off guy who rage quit and the group pushed on - entire groups have been locked out of Valtan because of this bug and weve gone 3 days with no response and support is telling us 100 different things none of which are helpful.


Most of us were disconnected by the maintenance. That’s our issue. Not one person disconnecting. The ENTIRE party being kicked due to the unscheduled maintenance and the ENTIRE party losing their attempt despite no clear.


your system works so well that even when i’m OWED a ticket i don’t receive it in game , keep ruining players experience by refusing to help them , you’ll see these issues every week.

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We don’t know if it’s a bug or intended behavior for the entire group to be locked out if server maintenance starts when we’re in Valtan gate 2. I’m not sure if this stops individuals from griefing or bussing multiple times, since it’s the whole group.

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There is a reason why there is a ingame report feature. People will report those that abuse it like that and you guys deal with them. But to use that excuse as why you guys can’t do your jobs. Get out with that nonsense. Do better.


Adding my name to the hat. I was present when the kill was completed and my game was frozen in a black screen after we got the kill during the cutscene, I load into a error code and am force kicked from the game with no rewards and a lock out. If you’re telling me I don’t deserve a form of compensation you’re blatantly wrong. Not only am I going to be a week behind of resources but I’m also robbed of potential accessories that I could have used or sold on the market.

I’ve always supported others in their struggles with the stupid shit that takes place in this game because I knew something was going to happen to myself sooner or later.


Meanwhile it seems that we have more players who got their entry count taken away.

I don’t think your solution is working, and instead creating more problem for everyone.
Support has been proven next to useless, repeating that ‘maintenance isn’t a server issue’ and that disconnect from maintnenance will cost us the entry count .

I don’t see how this is fair, especially for people who have grinded or paid their way to 1445 and above, they’re treated unfairly.


@Roxx this still doesn’t answer the question for those that had an “outage issue on the game server side”

This is getting so frustrating.


Hello @Roxx , i know that you just comeback from your trip… I’m sorry to do all this to you, but we really need help regarding valtan entry loss…

To explain it to you, a lot of us loss our valtan entry after the hotfix maintenance which they didnt post it in forum beforehand… they post it few minutes after the maintenance happen! And because of that 8 people in my party lost our valtan entry (just to be clear… we did not clear valtan yet nor claim the rewards), not only us! a lot of us did lost it… you could check the other topics that people have lost it here and there cause of this maintenance!

And to make it worse, this happen on the weekends… A lot of us already talks with live chat support… For my case, the first guy said i should receive it and he told me to verify the game and login back (which i need to pass 3k queue) and then i still didnt receive it! and i comeback again got a different person on live chat support and he told me to wait ANOTHER 24HRS… which as u can expect i still dont receive it till today! Some of live chat support said that the devs are confident with their programs… i doubt that, if the program works fine… we should got our entry ticket after we login! (just look at other topics, there literally hundread who speak up and loss their entry ticket… imagine if each of those people represent 7 others party member…)

What the devs could do to stop players from repeatedly rage quitting or trolling is, force the players who disconnect got the reward if their party clear the raid either by mail/something else… and make the players who dont got the reward get their entry ticket back!

Look at this picture, it clearly said that i havent completed gate 2 yet and i cannot enter valtan… and this is so depressing because i grind so hard spend like 10+ hours/day to grind my gear, got it this far and got rewarded by locked out from the END GAME content.