We need an English CM to comment on the Valtan Entry loss

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Where there would be nothing, can always be Something, Something ELSE, than punishing your most invested players for few bad actors which against this system does nothing.

They don’t need to rage quit or troll, not much creativity they need to make all us 7 want Quit, they just play bad no drama no words.

I am one player that never encounter such issues by now to lose weekly entrance but I am concerned a lot while read forums last days. Anyway I feel nothing going to change even if so absurd to me and can sure exist better way combat abuses .

Please confirm something about the system of tickets and entrances, posted down image from game, Is this working as intended at least? For unfinished raids if people vote quit after you disconnect, no matter type of dc, you will not lose weekly entrance?


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My party and I have already tried to put in a ticket regarding the loss of our entry even though we did not clear Gate 2 of Valtan yet. We were told to wait 24 hours to see if we get our mail and another 1-2 days for someone to respond to our ticket. Its almost the weekly reset in 1 day and we still have not gotten about what caused players not receiving their entry back even though it was the server that shutdown and disconnected players. When I contacted live chat, none of them were able to grant us entry tickets and the only thing they said was either wait or post at the forums to communicate with the developers.

It was hard for us to even find time to attempt Valtan together and some even had to stay up till 4am just to match each other’s timezone and now we are completely locked out and waiting for the weekly reset to attempt again.

Next, crafting the relic gear is also another issue as some of us will need to wait another week just to get enough materials to craft the gear and I doubt whatever compensation provided ( if there is even any ) will match the rewards of Valtan’s clear reward. People who grinded or spent money is forced to slow down their progress of 1 week for absolutely nothing.

Please let us know what are your plans on the system that decides who gets the entry ticket and if there will be any compensation to the players affected by this lockout where the server was the one disconnecting players due to a sudden maintenance with no post on forums or twitter. @Roxx


They’ll come back to us tomorrow or the day after, after weekly reset, and tell us it’s too late to give us the entry count :joy:

Also @Roxx Here is a small list of all the posts about this topic with hundreds of posts. Seems like something you should be aware of:


Appreciate the additional context! Let me see if I can follow up more directly as well. Thank you for helping me catch up.


Curious. Why didn’t you guys quit and log out before maintenance started? I’m always paranoid and log out before so nothing stupid happens.

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Because it’s progression content that takes hours and there is a lot to learn. The recording I have we agree we can’t clear it before maintenance, but lets keep going to keep learning the mechanics until the game server shutdown.

Please look into this. This may not seem like a big deal to most, but missing out on the first week of new endgame content is an awful feeling to the most active of the player base.

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Because its sudden maintenance that they doesnt even post it in forum beforehand… And we’re mid fighting valtan when that happen

We waited well over 24 hours and the ticket never arrived. We are a bunch of players from different servers, countries and time zones and it is more than clear that this has become a problem since Saturday (and even before). I have read several CM responses besides yours, and it is terribly damaging to the community what you guys are doing:

  1. I don’t have as a player, besides the time I dedicate to play, to have to obligatorily come to read the forums to know mechanics like “if the server disconnects you for maintenance, you can lose your weekly chance to enter dungeons”. It is a forced response to a problem of the game client, passing the responsibility to the players.

  2. No one in the forum, who has previously talked to support, has come up with an answer other than to keep waiting. That automated system is a black box, we have no idea how it works and I assume that support does not either. It is clear that the system is not delivering the corresponding entries to all the people who have this problem, but support insists that the solution is to keep waiting. Simply put, there is NO SOLUTION.

  3. Finally, it is curious that the system does not manage to cross information from several accounts to speed up the process of reintegration of entries. Valtan is played by eight people, as developers could review the logs of access and disconnection, and even patterns of play to realize that most of us who are here expressing our dissatisfaction in the forum, do not disconnect our computers out of anger at having lost and thus demand a new entry. In fact, we would still have 2 entries to use, but we can’t because the access is blocked.

It is a tremendous disappointment this situation.

Translated with DeepL.

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Well, simply because it didn’t say it’d be costing us our entry count.

Also new raid, wanted to learn the mechanics as much as we could and get used to it.

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Why can you even lose access to something you didn’t complete… especially when it says we can have unlimited attempts once entry is consumed.


theres no connection between players and amazon, its amazing

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It works! thanks!


Lost ticket to emergency maintenance here, and I just got it back, along with my friend!

Thank you so much for your speedy work!

How did u receive it?? share with us lol, havent got mine yet

I mean so many people have been talking about it and it’s finally working,and i have done nothing else.