We need an English CM to comment on the Valtan Entry loss

It seems that players that were specifically on Valtan Gate 2 when the NAW crash happened are not receiving their re-entry tickets. @Shadow_Fox

Any updates on what can be done about those players’ re-entry ticket? The week is almost over, are the players getting compensated even after the weekly reset or are we just going to be ignored? This situation sucks. I haven’t seen anyone that was on gate 2 when the crash happened and got a re-entry ticket.

its very obvious the system in place is not working as intended and is causing a whole truckload of people to lose their entry becuase of a server crash. Apparently this truckload aint big enough to be a reason to worry hence the delayed responses and non responses to this situation. Holiday weekend or not it is unacceptable that this kind of thing is not taken care of immediately and or having suitable communication and updates as to how this is going to be resolved. CS is of no help too so what ways are we able to get the re-entry?

Not taking into consideration that progession is one of the biggest reason why people play games and to take it lightly and have no solution after 3 days is highy unacceptable. Dont know about you guys but im most probably out of here if this aint resolved. dedicating time and money to be screwed over the one thing that is probably keeping me excited for the game and putting me backwards of my peers by a week, this is totally irks me to the max.

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Not to mention people lost their entry count from last week, but haven’t received it.

Some got it, some didn’t, I wonder what differentiates the two groups…

@Shadow_Fox Any clarification yet for those who got screwed out of a ticket last week and this week? It really sucks trying to find groups for next week hm valtan when everyone has either their Relic weapon or 2 piece relic bonus while I’m a week behind ,from no fault of my own, and AGS support and you CMs just dance around the question or stay silent hoping the problem goes away.

Hey there, my account is on Bergstorm server and I was in valtan gate2 when the server
crashed during the weekend. I didnt receive my valtan re-entry ticket until now even
though gate 2 is not cleared. Can you help with it? Its Tuesday, near weekly reset. TY

Name: Llien
Server: NA-West Bergstorm

Any update on this?

i know this response is a bit late to the post but what you described is what the system is allowing. I did rage quit in a couple of dungeons because my teammates were dying all the time and didnt want to quit, and i DID GET the ticket back when i relog hours later. (this is in Abyss dungeons HARD)

but i DID NOT get my ticket back when the server went to maintenance and my whole group is now 1 week behind everyone else. (Valtan)

So who is this system helping? its allowing someone to rage quit but a disconnection due to a maintenance doesnt?

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Interesting, still nothing

If they ignore us long enough maybe we’ll go away?

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Maybe it wont matter anymore when everyone got their pieces in afew weeks.

For me, at least, it’s not about the pieces. it’s more about how they’re handling an issue.

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I don’t condone their handling too. But its sometimes better for our sanity if we just accept that we wont get compensated.

They dont even compensate the south vern chaos dungeon red gate crash that is clearly the game issues instead of the players’.

Game is just badly handled in terms of player support.

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@Shadow_Fox, it has been a week after the holiday weekend. Is there a conclusive update to those we are affected?

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Yes. but if we just let it go like that. The AGS team will continue their ways of handling issues in the game.

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were out of the content. many many were not compensated with a ticket, now we are pretty far behind our peers no ticket, its not their fault that the server just suddenly stopped with no warning

I’m really sorry for all of you. As you said in the long run it’s probably not a big deal but it’s literally losing the most important character development we have currently…I’m enjoying the game but I’m startinng to be on the fence of droping the game and play something else, and stuff like this is not exactly reassuring.

What I know for sure is that I won’t be spending a single cent more until they fix this fuckery and start doing things properly. This thread is not a QQ fest or ppl asking the impossible, it is LITERALLY the bare minimum… Ruining the experience of every average user just to stop some ppl from doing busses is just unacceptable.

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I think its pretty clear that a sole reliance on an automated system isn’t enough as it clearly has big gaps. The lack of an re-entry sucks but the bigger issue this is guaranteed going to happen again given US West has already crashed several times in May. CS having no manual workaround option to verify and grant a re-entry and having to just copy-paste a statement that’s clearly false (automated re-entry only on server fault) is just a terrible player experience.


We’ve had this issue since week 1 of Valtan release, not sure if anything real is going to be done.

I guess they already made money from their part, no reason for them to care.

For those unaware, @Shadow_Fox confirmed in multiple threads on the support forum that there is an issue with gate 2 re-entries (finally, we’ve known this for 2 weeks).

Hopefully when it finally gets fixed we will get our tickets.

I am “amazed” that after, I don’t know, more than 3 weeks of the issue happening there is still no solution or a single response on what they are trying to do, not even an apology. Instead they opt to say “this is how the system works” or just to keep silent hoping that the issue just went away like it never happens. Yes the loot itself may not be as important already but you will be losing a lot of customers purely because of your poor handling. Myself is not planning to spend a single cent in the game anymore and I am sure there are a lot of people thinking the same way. But of course AGS wouldn’t care losing dozens or hundreds of invested players becaues “this is how the system works”.

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