We need an official statement on the Shadowhunter changes

As per title. Look how many of us are upset.


The above topic seems to have been deleted or moved!

Over 6k+ views cumulated with over 300 comments, yet no official response.

I’m tagging every possible Mod here that I could find. This is just too much to handle after Pheon incident.

@Maselbart @Sandovall @Roxx @Shadow_Fox

Please everyone, if you want to answer, please tag a Mod!


we want the original KR form. Nothing else will suffice. FIX THIS!!!


First link is from my topic and it was flagged by community so much I got system message it was removed xD
I guess too many people felt offended by stating facts and i don’t think it was offensive
Sad, because it had many posts


The main issue is that the new form just simply looks bad because there is no contrast between the skin and armor and they just blend together. And I’m afraid any criticism towards AGS will be swept under the rug under the guise of racism. If AGS wants to be woke and inclusive, why not give us an option to pick between western and KR model?


Even without the “racist” part, AGS censored the topic multiple times in the past (and banning aswell) when people asked why they changed the Shadowhunter transformation.
Any criticism towards the matter is a risk for the player to get banned.


So by this logic: Changing skin color from white to black is not racist, is accepted, and is applauded even. But vice versa, it’s racist. Sounds like Twitter lol.

My biggest issue is that the new form looks like a giant blob of black/gray on the screen. Did they have to change the hair color too? Lazy ass aesthetics change.

I’ve quit this game a month ago and swore never to touch another AGS game, but I feel yall. I saw this change coming a mile away the moment KR got the update. Don’t back down. AGS expects this to blow over after a week and repeat the same thing in the future.


bring kr sh exactly the same

if you want to change the game why not remove pheon ? why not remove x2 guardian and x2 chaos ?

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agree 100% what is going on ?

They could fix the SH form issue by releasing an optional DLC that changes the form to its true color schemes.

So people who want the black one can keep it, and those of us who want the true quality of lost ark can use the dlc.


Smilegate has more plans to update the demonic form in the future, this one was to change her model and make her more interactive with songs, emotes etc[which in our version we cant do cause her face is barely visible unless we change our settings just to take screenshots]

If that’s the case then we def need some official statements.

The fact that history repeats itself and Threads voicing the dissatisfaction of the playerbase which, instead of being taken and working on a solution, they just nuke the threads and ban people for voicing their opinion on the matter shows the incompetence of handling feedback as a publisher. Soon we will have a situation where people will have to ask if they can use the forums to give feedback or if they will ban you ingame for a day per letter written in a post.
AGS somehow managed to farm more L’s this week than in the past half a year, which is impressive, but at least this issue could be solved by putting out a DLC like the KR Voicepack…

I’m having a hard time seeing my character while transformed because they made it just a mess of black and gray which is really making it difficult to tell when I’m near an indicator for an attack if I’m inside it or just on the edge, it’s really frustrating. On top of that it just looks flat out bad.

Why can’t we just have the Korean model?


the problem for them is if they do that we all know nobody is going to play the dark ugly one

Dayum, they start deleting again.

Guess its just a matter of time now before people are getting banned again

What do you expect her to answer? She knows that this is woke. She know that her employer is just wrong.

Probably the latter

Probably instructed to ignore until people stop posting about it - if it doesn’t happen they will start removing threads and banning complainers. We’ve seen it happen before.

So glad I quit months ago, as a former Shadowhunter main this would have been the final straw.

I honestly can’t believe how AGS have bungled the western release of this game so badly. What an absolute joke. It’s like they TRY to one-up themselves on pissing the community off every month.


i like it , we can keep it