We need arcana now

As the title suggests we NEED arcana. I see so many threads about "scouter, summoner,artist etc. Like yeah a large amount of people want unreleased classes no need to make a thread about it so that you can bringing the worst in people and have a war break out in the whole community. Obviously my thread is more sarcastic than it is serious. I mean I do want arcana but like I’m not gonna cry in the forums in hopes of getting what I want…
I really really hope we get the classes we want to play as soon as possible and I really wish there was less toxicity in this game.


There’s literally no need for it. It’s a niche class. What the game needs is more support classes. Or reworks to make them fun or interesting to play.


Yeah we def need one of, if not the hardest class to pull off mechanically in NA where we can’t even stand in 4 spots on a map. 100% agree with you


I do hope they increase the pace of 2 classes per month and 1 power pass every 2 months (We need to add the devil to make it sound reasonable lmao)

Yes, 3x4 = 16


Arcana is considering hard just because you have to put your brain to work, I wouldn’t call her hard. She is just hard to master I suppose. As for mechs well practice makes you better I suppose :sweat_smile:

I’ve never played her but if saintone says she’s one of the most difficult, I’m going to believe it

We don’t need arcana.
We don’t need scouter.
We don’t need summoner.
We don’t need artist.

We will get the classes though and the game will be better for it. Arcana, Scouter and Summoner were included in our build when the game released and those are the next classes getting released.

Aside from that, the release order is really in AGS’s hands.

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Well as far as I know there is only one available class that we haven’t gotten yet and that is artist. I would say though that she isn’t a priority since other classes like summoner, for example has to be next. Even though I would prefer other classes like arcana and reaper, to be next. As for the rework on supports, I recently leveled up and geared up to the a bard and I can say with confidence she is pretty amazing. Even though I don’t play supports in general I decided to make one since my partner would play destroyer and I thought it would be amazing if I could support him( even though he doesn’t need it xD). My point is that bard at least plays amazing no need for rework (only her shield has a small radius).

Yeah seen the video and I’m not saying she is easy. I’m just saying that we can’t base everything around how easy a class to get released. Believe me I don’t care when my future main will get released I will continue hoarding my mats no matter what XD. I’m just saying that there is no need to make the forums feel like a warzone just because we want our favorite unreleased classes to be next in line

the hell you mean 16 ? my clock don’t go over 12 :neutral_face:

True. We don’t NEED them but since they exist we might as well get them xd

It’s a well known argos meme. It is not on the clock :slight_smile:

no worries i got the ref, just make fun of peoples that said that :sweat_smile:

Possibly next since it was bumped by Destroyer.

It does look like a unique class.