We need group apply function

I had to join a party and ask to have my friend accepted.
Is it just me or the game is missing group apply function for finding groups?
If not, I think this function will be a great addition to QoL.


Hi there, NiaGoesAaaaaaaa!

Thank you for the feedback! What’s one particular scenario you’d find this extremely useful in?

Looking forward to your reply!

He means applying to an existing group in partyfinder as a party. Instead of having his own solo application, he wants to apply as a party of 2 players (him + his friend) so they both can get in together and not having to ask the leader to accept his friend.

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It exists. You just make your own party or ask the host to hold a spot for your friend.

They mean that for example when you have a Party and are joining Argos: you have to disband your party, all apply separately and then once someone gets in they have to ask the party leader to let your certain party members to get in. Instead of doing this they think that parties should be able to apply to raids and other parties without disbanding and just moving in as a group. Because let’s say that one of you is a big Deathblade DPS and the others are playing expertise sharpshooter, striker and grudge bard; when the raid accepts that Deathblade and they start asking for these other players to get in: there’s a fair chance that the party leader will have to decline and kick them out which just gets everyone worked up for no reason. However if they saw that this is the group they’re accepting to begin with, they could simply make the decision in the applicants screen without any hassle

This would be a great feature as someone who is often in groups :slight_smile:

This is what I meant. :slight_smile:

Appears he means something like a party merge, this would indeed be handy. Invite leader of other party, they get a popup asking if they wish to accept invitation to merge. Fairly simple to implement from way the game currently runs. Great idea.

Using this mentality, smilegate should never make a single QoL change, since you can already do the less convenient thing :slight_smile:


Clearly he doesn’t have a friend

Thank you! I’ll send this thread over to the development team.

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Please add this functionality… Friends are getting to valtan now, and it’s a royal pain to group with them. WoW does it pretty well

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