We need more free bound legendary engraving books from events and login rewards

Since our content is on faster release schedule than it was originally in KR, we need extra rewards to help us players catch up.

When it comes to honing mats, cards or even pheons, I feel like we are getting enough to help us catch up. Some hardcore players have LOS 18 or even 30 already.

However there is no doubt we are lagging behind with legendary engraving books. KR had a long time before Brelshaza to saturate the market with the books. And if the books are expensive, it makes the accessories expensive too.

If we got one or two bound gold books from some events or login rewards, it would globally reduce the prices of all engravings and accessories, because even if you have your books for the main, you probably want to buy some for alts and new classes in the future.

I have personally multiple 5x3 characters, but that’s because I play a lot and used to exploit the market very early on (which you can’t anymore). For new players gearing for Kakul and Brel is extremely daunting and expensive process and giving us a free book here and there would make that content more accessible.


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