We need more GM ingame and less AI lazy autoban tools

This. Tools should be a help for a GM ingame to check the activity of the suspicious users, but they’ll never do the work of a GM, a GM gives u more faith and trust at the game and makes everything more alive, u will never have a 100% success autoban tool and this lazy systems always punish harder the normal users community than the bots, today on the morning banwave u banned tons of legit users that were playing normally the game while the bots were still inside the game, please, dont repeat the same mistakes as New World this beloved and amazing game dont really deserves it

Here i give u the link to what this automatic bans will do to kill the game:

Edit: Hear your community AGS, this should be Top1 priorities right now!


This is a really good thing to start with, come on AGS, if Riot Games can develop their own anticheat u can too, u have the resources to this.


It’s almost like they had an opportunity to learn from this mistake in the past and could’ve rectified it prior to Lost Ark release.

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Yeah pretty sure they’re literally trying to use a system that is run by an AI and it just doesnt work like 99.9% of the time. Ive seen game companies do some pretty shady stuff but this is on another level. Incompetent doesn’t even begin to cover it. Whoever is OKing this system really needs to take a look at what is happening right now. Its the same system they used for New world as well.

As far as the bots go I dont think hiring ingame GMs would be a viable solution. There are simply too many of them. They need to tackle the problem at the account level first. 2FA of some kind would be a start. In addition to that they need to completely ditch EAC and hire people to write something that is tailor made for this game from the ground up. EAC is probably the easiest anticheat on the market to bypass.

I don’t understand the obsessive need by some corporate entities to “innovate” existing systems. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. If other games don’t use an AI or automated banning system, it’s not because their publishers/developers are dumber than you, it’s because automating functions like bans is giving automation too much control over your product. Imagine if stores implemented AI to tase customers it detected to be potential shoplifters. How well do you think that would go?

That would actually be hilarious :joy:

That is of course only my theory. Their official stance is that they review every case individually. This is just absurd though if that were the case you wouldnt have thousands of innocent players being banned like this.


If they are actually doing these bans manually, somebody needs to get fired. My friend is a powergamer but he’s legit, I’ve played games with him for years. He puts in a lot of time to his games, maybe an unhealthy amount sometimes but that’s besides the point. He got banned in New World, his case got reviewed and he was unbanned because he did nothing wrong. Now he’s been banned twice in Lost Ark, first on the bot banwave and now this. He will most definitely be unbanned by Amazon a THIRD time now because he is STILL a legitimate player being punished for no other reason than playing Amazon games too much. If someone is manually banning him, that’s almost a worse scenario than an AI algorithm banning him.