We need next roadmap ASAP

title !

it’s not possible to don’t have information on next classes for punika pass, we need to choose if we pass arcanist day one or next class not 1 week after please amazon !


And the July team update as well!!! Let me know when Arcana would be out and if there are summer skins :smiling_face_with_tear:


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We’re not allowed to have information, how are they going to milk money?


lol after all the fus with previous roadmap i rather dont have any

I Need nothing im rdy for brelzahsa and lvl my alts now

“we” are all people who doesn’t have main in the game yet like reaper arcana etc we need to know what class for know if punika pass is for arcana or another class


I am not part of “we” am fine as it is.
If they say they will release new classes every 2nd month then okay. I will keep playing whatever publisher with developer has decided to give.


lmao look at all these selfish people, “My main is already in the game so I don’t care what they do”


because “we” all were summoned by that claim :stuck_out_tongue:

Next time use the proper words, especially in title.

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It doesn’t make him wrong though, if you care about others or your friends who are waiting for a certain class then why wouldn’t you want information too??

Oh man, how selfish from me^^ totally forgot that there are still players waiting for their mains :smiley:
A Classrelease Plan would be needed for u guys then. Can imagine AGS has something like that prepared.

it seems the communication has only gotten worse.
at the very least if the update is delayed they need to come out and say something like “so we aimed to release the update july 20th but because of the bot situation it will be delayed” then they can give an estimate for the date they aim to release it.
a little bit of communication goes a long way but yet it seems to get worse and worse


You all chasing Clouds.
Go with the flow of the Game and chill.
Stressing Out on a Game makes the Game anyway unplayable


as publichher i can only imagine if they don’t have a plan xD

but yeah amazon allready have the problem when lot of people use feiton pass on glavier instead of destroyer cause they didn’t say the feiton pass are for the 2 class lol

i can only hope they don’t do same mistake 2 time in only 2 month xD

edit: SG got 6 month roadmap and all dates are good :confused: i don’t ask 6 month but more transparency for things like pass and classes

because in the end knowing or not knowing changes nothing. Anyone with half of brain waiting for a class will sit on passes until they know. Doesn’t matter if it’s this week or next month.

Or they won’t becasue it really changes nothing. You can level anything you “really want and reaaaaly care” in no time with or without any pass/express.

And “we” would like other things first. So let’s not create an illusion “everyone” “NEEDS” a roadmap “NOW” :slight_smile:

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they don’t even know details yet for the powerpass and you already want next roadmap sheeet.

99% of players who think they can even play arcana won’t be able to play arcana so there’s your answer on if you should save it or not.

These ppl are CONSUMING IT all at a FAST este bro …this is insane

Why did I even bother reading your selfish comment, go do your dailies on your main or something else


Roadmap will come a few weeks after july update just like it has done for every update previous to it.

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