We need next roadmap ASAP

We all know Arcana is coming out this month… question is when will Scouter coming out? And when will we get the high demand summer bikini skin

Arcana will be August.

August roadmap will be last week of Aug.


you cant wait for the new class announcement? its just 1 or 2 weeks.
If you got no patience, the game is not for you.

If you want to play arcana, you dont pass. Its so easy.

Next roadmap?

Forgive my ignorance, but where is the first one???


Lets work off of 3 assumptions.

  1. They hold to the 1 every 2 months schedule.

  2. Releasing 2 mage subclasses back to back is unlikely.

  3. Specialists will be released in order after all other existing subclasses are out.

Assuming all 3 of these assumptions are accurate, this is what the release schedule will probably look like.

July: Arcana

September: Reaper or Scouter

November: Probably Summoner (could also be reaper or scouter)

January: Last unreleased class of Summoner/Reaper/Scouter

March: Artist

May: Aeromancer


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Ags: “We won’t release a powerpass in September, if you want to powerpass the September class you can’t powerpass arcana”

OP: “Then please tell us if the September release is Reaper, Scouter or Summoner so we can know if we prefer to powerpass Arcana or the next class”

You: “It’s Reaper, Scouter or Summoner, /thread”

Can you see how of little help you were?


We can refer to the speaker and the listener, or the speaker and other people but not the listener.

Youre welcome.

haha exactly ! i’m dying :confused:

bump! For higher quality roadmaps

They already told us that roadmap will come before august, after arcana.

+1 for this

oh yes ! when i see KR roadmap on 6 month with picture and lot of informations i don’t understand what does publisher xD