We need Permanent Bans for RMTers ASAP

Gold is less than $1 per 1k gold on some websites again and very few buyers are being punished. If they are they’re getting slaps on the wrist or 3 days suspensions. Bots are back to causing month 1 levels of inflation. It’s so infuriating.

Look at this:

Seems legit, right? RMT buyers can ruin the market on books and accessories because even if they’re suspended the items are gone and sometimes untradeable.

Lock the market, mail, and trade for unverified steam accounts. It’s time. Jesus, do something AGS. Fair players are suffering out here.


i agree, it getting out of hands, the prices goes up at the end of the week… how is that legit? you cant generate so much gold at the end of the week

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Another one of these?

Stop assuming punishments, you know nothing.

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Did you buy 20 grudge books seems reasonable priced


so whats wrong with this picture and how can u show us evidences that its RMT’s that causes this?

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Prices are up cause of Valtan. What’s the problem?


i bet more people lost gold on valtan than actually earned something.

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Please. All materials are up because bots are at their most rampant state since the first month and RMT gold is at an all time low. Yes, people are honing, but nobody has the income to afford these insane rates without the gold generation of bots. You saw the blue crystal crash when gold was removed from early quests on the first month. Since then they adapted to running chaos dungeons and even taking advantage of the express mission and T3 gold.


It’s clear you know nothing as well. Just move along if you can’t see how big the issue is.

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This just shows how little you know about the game. Legendary books are up because people need them for 5x3 setup. If you actually played the market / watched you’d know that most materials have gone down from the valtan rush and have settled in now mostly


anyone who argues this is speculative doesn’t understand the impact bots have on the western economy right now.

obviously i don’t have a source or internal data but you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know that they’re the biggest source of inflation

and if you say books are up because of relic accessories and 5x3 you’re correct, but that’s obviously not the whole picture


all materials are up because of bots… okay t3 mats has never been cheaper than now, because we have more access to get those materials. and t1, t2 materials are more expensive because not the same amount of people who put in t3 materials do put in t1, t2 materials because people don’t don’t like doing the content.

This post is also made today, which is Wednesday, that means the day before server restart. so every single materials and everything will increase in price because most of the people have done all the content and some people are still forcing themselves to push up their gear, which does change the price in the market, because less people have materials, which comes from secret dungeons…

Long story short, action house is always the most expensive on wednsday, and cheapest on thursday/friday.

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I doubt at this point it can be stoped right really. Problem is people who bought gold can rebuy it or stuff on new accounts or quit the game makeing the game loss money non the less as probably people who RMTed also proly bought passes etc in game. Also gold will inflate no matter what as bots will drive the market I really do not see a solution. ONLY REAL SOLUTION and no one would agree: Put in that you have to verify ID and phone number + email (or any other things) as many as possible that prevents 95 % of bots and almost all RMTes (they would proly still exist). and then RESET the servers starting from 0 ilvl of all account also make the game be a subscription based game. or check each character account etc and put them to the closeset Ilvl and remove everyones gold to 0 … but I do not think that will work. At this point RMTing is … hard to stop.

Ah you’re right, the thing they’ve clarified and written articles about and stated that ban length and action can be permanent or stripped gold in a free to play game that makes it harder to stop than normal must mean they’re clearly doing nothing about it even though they have directly responded to and proven to be making efforts.

I forgot you’re so smart my apologies.

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Apology accepted.

400 iq even.


Well, AGS and/or SMG prob not gonna do something with this so…I am saing this with NW experience.

I’ll totally admit when I’m wrong, just like that post shows.

i reported for months and nothing happen u think they gonna ban them? lol

Okay, go on?