We need Random Mount & Pet Skill

To Summon Random Pet or Mounts


Not really. Just pick one. There are other things that are more important and this is not Wow.

Hi, nator. I will pass this feedback along to the team.


Ty I know its not a priority but it would make life easier for mount and pet collectors to just randomly summon a pet or mount from your collection.


+1 yes please!


I was just looking up if this was a thing or not haha I’m hoping they do add it for those who want to ride all their mounts


+1 Need a random cast :smiley:


its a thing in FFXIV as theres lots of mounts.

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+1 :slight_smile:

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+1 to this! it would be great!!

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+1 on this. had this in SWTOR and of course I used constantly to show case my 100+ mount collection.

+1 on this… fortnite random (shuffle) EVERYTHING…

+1 I’d really love that! I have a lot of mounts of pets and with more to come having the ability to summon one at random would be great ^^

+1 from me too.
We have this on FFXIV and its fun getting random stuff from ur collection to pop up whenever u use em.

+1 random of all set favorites
as in wow or ffxiv =)

I’d be down for this being an option.

Quality of Life Updates

May will also introduce a bunch of quality of life changes, including front and back attack indicators, the ability to check daily & weekly content participation in a new menu, UI updates, improved party finder & party invites, updated loot dismantling, convenience features for Market/Auction House, and a few fun features, :point_right: like being able to randomly summon favorited mounts :point_left: and new hairstyles for customization!