We Need Regional Pricing For Turkey

Hi, I want to talk about in game currency and pack pricing in Turkey. As you all know Turkey’s economy is not good. After local pricing got removed from the steam for Turkey ( Platinum pack was 144 Turkish Liras at the beginning which is around 11 US dolars.) I noticed that Platinum Vanquisher pack is now 900 TL in Turkey’s steam (66.57$) but It’s 880 TL ( 65 $) for other regions. I believe that this pricing is nonsense. I hope you guys think about it and fix this problem. Our Turkish community is really annoyed for that pricing.


It is changed because Turkish people tried to sell founder packs for cheaper prices to other countries because they were able to afford it for much cheaper prices. So now they can’t even afford to buy for theirselves. Yazık oldu…


not its related only sell from TR if you can use VPN anywhere you can buy stop blaming directly Turkish people about it … Tons of website selling like byno steam wallet and they accept every debit card from any country . Just think about it … Thats not a reason to dont make regional pricing a few months later we cannot enjoy game a skin imagine almost 300 Turkish Lira its mean kitched budged in a week or 2 weeks…

I know some people tried the sell starter packs for cheaper but there is lot more ppl was using vpn and buying it cheaper also that’s not good player’s problem. I mean im not aiming to sell it for profit but I can’t buy any game content beacuse its too expensive. 1 $ =~ 15,50 TL 12000 royal crystal is 100$ = 965 TL(on euc) . it looks cheaper but it’s not. In US you have to work MAX 6-7 hours depends on minimum wage on internet. But in turkey you have to work MİN 50 hours to buy 12000 royal crystal also idk how many ppl getting paid with minimum wage but in turkey about forty percent of people getting paid with minimum wage. I hope you understand our situation before judging. Sorry if i wrote bad.

Last week Wow did change Turkish Lira currency now 6 months prepaid now only 599 Turkish Lira , imagine only Crystal Aura for 3 months 484 Turkish Lira Lost ark really expensive game cuz of that my friends afraid to join game , Lost Ark store prices are truly out of reach .

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