We need Scouter/Summoner!

Make it happen June/July!

Been playing support waiting for the DPS class i want. There are hundreds of us like this waiting to change to DPS with these two classes.

Really though… forum spam of Artist and other classes are getting old.


no we dont need them we need supports not another dps competitor


Ive been playing support for 3 months now waiting for my preference in DPS classes. Getting tired of waiting.

We all know when DPS classes come out supports will be swapping.


I’ve been playing 4 DPs and 1 Supp for months now waiting for my preference in supp classes. Getting tired of waiting. Literally have been saving all my mats for my class release…

We all know when DPS classes come out supports will be swapping which is why need a new supp class first so we can have a decent amount when more dps classes are added.

“Need”? Don’t think we all need them.


Indeed, we are waiting for them so eagerly!

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I think we actually need them, all of us lol

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I am more inclined to think its going to be arcana and scouter or summoner and reaper. But whatever happens people will still cry when the news drops.

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I have my credit card ready for scouter.

They should give Scouter a 20% honing buff. Lasers make content easier than the peasants hitting things with a stick or fists.


what about…
Instead of creating new thread, just posting in already existing threads for both classes ? . . .

Don’t think the artist spam is a good idea and have to copy this

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Artists threads spam the forums. So we need other threads spamming to represent the other classes to show they are wanted.

a dedicated thread, living day after day, reaching hundreds of message without stupid polemic and just love to the class show well how people are waiting for the class also…

Personally, now i will flag as spam nearly all “my class first” topic (already dd for artist and scouter)

We need you to hone your alt support to 1415+ same for everyone who have supports and same for people that have 0 supports.

Loads of videos from KR & RU when they had the same issue, this is the ONLY solution they had : N°1 ALT IS SUPPORT if its not the case you have no right to complain about it as you dont provide anything in the 3dps/1sup rotation.

The more the time did go on the more most people that were allowed to stay in good guilds, all of them were having a n°1 alt support.

This isnt about lack of supports.

This is a we need scouter/summoner thread.
This is a thread about us support characters that just went support waiting for our DPS class.

Lol, i love this comment so much



Summoner makes sense yea but i dont understand why Scouter, Reaper would make alot more sense cause they only have 2 subclasses like mages

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Very few people will hone alt support past 1415, because nothing awaits them at 1445 except they transform into a greater vitality/str/dexterity potion. Very underwhelming gameplay “change”. The only people who will hone past 1415 on their alt support are people in statics that trade who will play support and take turns biting the bullet.

Nice trashpost.

How so? You deny the support drought in both KR and NA/EU? It’s probably even worse in our region tbh. Supports are very underwhelming role and a 4 year old designed their role and set effect as the other set is literal :horse: :poop: (endurance stack :joy: )