We need Scouter/Summoner!

No, we really need more supports and I’ll glady switch from my DPS main to Artist when it comes out, but your post sounds more like “gib more dps classes cause support is boring” kind of thing. If it’s not meant like that, I apologize. :slight_smile:

Why do we need him again ? When there’s like 14 other dps classes what’s so special about this one ?

Because robot-man got people acting unwise

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Support progression is trash. Once T3 you reduce cooldowns some and nothing changes. Heals/shields dont get better.

Artist would be good if it wasnt for the creepy people. She needs a character model rework for NA/EU. To many creepers.

All the artist threads with people gushing over how cute the char is.

It ain’t even that bad man let’s be real here, people just don’t like to support. Let’s not bullshit around the bush here.

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Not quite right. Shields and health restored is based off of the % of the supports max HP… the more HP you have, the more efficient the heals/shields.

The CD reduction is exactly what makes most classes feel like they’re actually playing the way they’re supposed to.

You pick out the few that seem to go overboard with Artist fascination, this is in no way harmful to you.

Why does this even matter? You can’t fanboy/girl over a class or… anything for that matter? what?

Creepers. Your name kinda goes with that.

Since you brought up my name for some reason. I’ll be glad to tell you that is has nothing to do with Artist and everything to do with the “Omega” meme… instead of Lul I added booba… booba KMMO… heard of it?

Feel free to ignore the rest though as is your wont.

Wrong. We need people to play supports. The two we have are better than w/e else we could have.

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No, robot man has people acting rational. Do not need artist just need people to play/main supports. The two we have are better at supporting anyway.

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Lol, what you talking about? I have a 1365 as a twink and the progression wasn’t that much harder than for my DPS. Of course, some solo content like tower etc. is a bit harder and challenging, but it isn’t “trash”.

But beside that, the Artist argument is absolutelly trash. We just want Artist because we’re creeps? Wtf?

I can’t wait to play Scouter!

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You meant, you need supports right ? I feel like you included me in your “we” but I definitely not need support so yeah. Please stop saying “we” whn you mean “I”.

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No, give support. We just got 3 DPS classes in a row. Let support in

with at least 6 DPS to come, your logic would say to have the support after 4th or 5th DPS release in a row, to have middway

We dont need newest class, we need them in order and ones people were already waiting for before Artist existed.

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Your answer is very biased. I don’t care if it is a new or old class. I just want support. I am sick of getting new DPS classes I don’t want to play ( I already had 6 DPS classes). I just want to play a different style aka Support.

There are no “old” supports that we don’t have so I do not understand the relevance of this statement. You accuse him of giving a very biased answer only to give an even more biased one?? Ok.

I sick of people calling for another support that won’t make a real difference for months, and I’m sick of having to play DPS “chore” classes that I never wanted to play while waiting for the main reason I got interested in the game in the first place.

This is not a player issue, but an oversight on Amazon’s part as I mentioned in another topic. They saw this game as a “new game” when releasing it in the west, overlooking the fact that many players already knew about it and had a main class in mind before even downloading the game in the west. Now they are alienating those players with each new roadmap or class release update that doesn’t include their main class. They can’t see the actual player loss numbers because it’s fluffed by the significant # of bots, or perhaps they’re using that to hide it…(Hypothesis based on the articles presented on Smilegates’ news website, other Kr/Western gaming news websites, videos from content creators etc in Kr depicting the 500k concurrent players in the west as a “Great success”).

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Actual gospel being put forth here. Preach on.