We need Server Transfer

Not sure if this is the right topic to open this disscusion but i will try to do it here.

As from last posts and tons of reports it is clear as day that a lot of players were confused by servers not informing the players what language is used on that specific servers , also the heavy que times with over 2-3 hours waiting is unacceptable for a preorder that only grants 3 days of head start that we cannot use.

Even if you open new servers , how can you expect players to move to that new servers? if they already created a main character and claimed all the founder packs on the first servers , it makes no sense.

I myself failed and claimed my Platinum pack on WEI server not knowing that it is a spanish only server , because the game doesn’t say so.

Please make it right and give us that option to transfer our acc to different servers.

I don’t know contact Smilegate Devs or something , just check the official discord and the forums it is a problem that can be solved via this option.

And please don’t start with - Hello i hope you have a nice day and give us a useless answer that gives no solution , or say that the server transfer is not possible , it was a thing on KR for short time ,and i belive it can be a thing here for a short time since it is a global release.


Hi Mustang,

I do agree with most of what you just said!
New servers doesnt make any sense as I wont be able to play with my team mates.
Furthermore why should I switch servers once I opened my founders box on the other server already…
And I think as well that these issues could have been avoid as they knew the numbers of players in advance.
They know exactly how many founder packs have been sold in advance.
Hopefully we do get any kind of compensation as I didn`t pay the 100€ to see the queue for my 3 days early access…

What is going to happen on friday after the official release…

However the one topic of your I do not agree is the issue with the language.
This was entirely choosen by the communitiy itself.
Amazon/ tripod or however never branded any server in advance as spanish/ german whatsoever.

Best regards,


I have the same issue and my boyfriend to he is very sad about it

Well, they knew about all this ahead of time. AGS management cannot claim ignorance because we begged them to label the servers with language tags because of the very problem with founder’s packs being bound to the server.

Roxx and Seawolf brought it to management’s attention and after a week, they decided to do nothing because it was too close to the launch (like putting letters next to a server name takes a long time or something).

All of this was 100% predicted. And, to top it off, they don’t have server transfer ability.

I’m not blaming any of you, I’m blaming AGS because everyone knew this would happen. Now they are saying that transfers, even if they could do it, would create an exploitable situation. It might be true, who knows. The only real way that I can personally think of, is to offer people the option to delete all of their characters and re-issue them their founder’s pack. Would you lose your character’s progress? Sure, but at least you’d get your chance to move.

They also desperately need to put language tags on the servers once they have a way to get people to move. It’s like they’ve never been to Europe and have no idea how proud people are of their native languages, even if they can speak English. Go to a fancy restaurant in Paris and try ordering in English. I dare you.