We need something done on NA West queues

We need answers on the insane queues on NA West. I have 10 characters in Valtan with over 11k queue at 11:23 PM HST (2:23 PDT). I even have another character on Akkan, which has a 3.8k queue. I don’t care if people are annoyed at ANOTHER topic being created about the queues. It just means it’s that much more damning that people are so fed up with this crap. We are past 3 months from launch. I don’t even think it’s a bot problem. You guys are obviously having server stability issues and issuing a hard cap on the number of players that can be on. It’s been going on for weeks on end with no solution in sight.

If Amazon addressed this issue, someone please point it out to me. Because I’m sick and tired of having to try and login late at night only to say screw it because I CBA to deal with 11k queues. I love this game, I really do. It’s the most I’ve had in an MMO since I started playing over 20 years ago. But no amount of love for a game will have us deal with this shit weeks on end with almost no communication on what’s going on. I don’t even mind if you don’t talk about it if you’re capable of fixing this without dragging it on for weeks. But something is obviously going on and I’m fed up.


I feel like rolling restarts may be a necessary evil to deal with this problem. 2hr periods would probably be best and annoying for those progging HM Valtan, but providing it does not lock you out, maybe the only way to dump all the bots off the servers. It takes a while for them to all relog, but I’ve seen wang ba in China (internet cafe). They literally had 3 people managing 300-500 computers running bots. No way they can all log in before legit players are able to beat the queue in.

I refuse to believe bot problems are unique to NA West. They are 100% having server stability issues or something related so they are hard capping the shit out of NA west servers. At this point I’m fed up and I refuse to start over on a different region. Either they fix this shit or I’m done. Not that anyone cares. I guess that’s one less for everyone to fight over for a spot to play… on a game released 3 months ago.


We’ve already been talking about it.