We need to get the balance changes before clown

I thought we were going to get the balance patch last week when they told us we were getting QoL, didn’t get it. Kinda disappointed but at the same time, it’s fine. The thing is we should really get it before clown. It doesn’t make sense to do new content with an inferior balance patch. And if it comes out the same week as scouter and clown people are going to be very upset. Specifically, artillerist players, to have to remake your build on the same day as a new raid would be disastrous. Prices would go to the moon. Also, arcanist is in such a better spot in KR, which is the newest class released and people should be able to play “the best version” of the class. Which is what you said on the forums when we got balance changes around destroyer release. It also only took two weeks for the balance patch to come to NA after KR got it, this time it’s been almost a month now I believe. So please amazon consider releasing the balance changes either this reset or next.


multiple thread about that dude, we waste our time, they dont know what to do and they have too much ego to listen


releasing it with clown is probably what they will do as that makes the most sense, and if they dont would you even be surprised?

Yeah I was assuming they were going to, hence the post. “makes the most sense” I don’t really agree with, what made the most sense was giving it to us last week

well the best time to get it is 1 week after KR, even games like BDO in the last couple years has done a great job in bringing out the new content in the next week or next big update after KR gets it

BDO and PA actually do a better job at reducing disparity between regions than SG and AGS

AGS on the other hand aren’t even capable of communicating what we’re getting and when, these roadmaps are hardly roadmaps, we already know that every couple months we’re going to get a new class and a new legion raid, the rest of the roadmap is just lackluster events like this gold hunt mokoko thing where RNG is the deciding factor of if you enjoy it or not, and skins that look average at best. There’s a lot that AGS has done to frustrate the playerbase and i dont want to rant on and on, but them saying they’re just the publisher and not the dev is a horrible excuse when our version of the game is clearly different from others showing they have the power to make changes by simply asking SG

I want the new tripod system also :no_mouth:

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Please, need artillerist changes asap.