We need to take "Changes" seriously, All Of Us

First of all this is not a rant/cry topic but rather as a veteran MMO player, experienced with many games including Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Western games, a legitimate concern for the future of the Western version of Lost Ark.

-Changes made to the game’s difficulty is concerning;

Now I know there is a great numbers of players having trouble with the content in the game mainly with Guardian Raids and Abyss dungeons, the infamous 90% vs 10% statistic.

First of all these numbers are actually is normal, unlike some people debating about it. End game content is always accomplished by a low percentage of players and that is not a bad thing and definitely non-casual game approach. Casual play and High End gaming is always separate and lowering End Game’s difficulty for casual play is removing the value of the content. People playing game aim for higher difficulty and work towards by learning the game.

Guardian raids and Abyss dungeons are not actually casual content. Chaos dungeons and Island quest are tailored towards casual play, leveling alts is easier and most of collectibles are roster bound, and as a casual player you should focus your gameplay towards these content. Guardian and Abyss (also Legion Raids in the future) requires commitment and dedication to complete them and lowering their difficulties is not actually helpful but harmful.

T1 and T2 are End game content since you are unable to reach higher tier without completing them and all equipment in your arsenal is actually from these tiers so thinking T1 and T2 should be easier is a wrong approach since you have T1 gear while trying to complete T1 Guardian and Abyss.

Asking for nerf when having trouble for T1 and T2 when your gear is tailored for it is opening the question how will the majority will act when they reached T3 content. As we have seen huge number of complaints about games difficulty in T1 and T2 and AGS answering positively for the mass shows us same will happen for T3 and further when T4 happens (if ever)

This game is different from the many games people drawing a comparison. WoW and GW2 are actually less mechanic heavy and more gear focused games where with X DPS you can handle a content easier. Lost Ark is a mechanic focused game similar to many other Korean games (I played Blade and Soul when it launched in west till a few months ago).

Reducing/removing mechanics from encounters will shift games playstyle to these games, making content easier when you have higher ilvl. Now we will see more +Xilvl groups since dps is more important than the mechanics, making the game less casual friendly since now you are barred from group content until you reach specified ilvl. And makes the game more tailored towards P2W since game knowledge loses its value over gear.

“Casual” player who reached higher difficulty/High end game will now face more issues since its another difficulty jump, ending up frustrating them more. Ending up leaving the content or game completely. In the process High End players game quality is lowered, making game less fun for the audience it was tailored towards.

To draw a conclusion;
-AGS’s statistic reading is mistaken, they need to do a better research or leave the decision to original developers without making any changes.
-High End content will always tailored towards the minority who is working for it and it is not elitist. It is same with ranking in other games, you can’t ask for easier way to reach high ranks because it is designed for the very purpose of separating players by skill.
-Do not chance WIPE mechanics to DMG mechanics, never in the future.
-People should understand the Difficulty and Hard Mechanic/One Shot is Lost Arks selling point and this is the way Lost Ark become popular in different regions and changing this one thing is actually gonna kill the game removing the games main point.
-“Casual” players are not “Lazy” players, and people who doesn’t change their approach to game should be expendable(sorry for being cold)

I’m totally in for a Casual friendly game but this approach is simply wrong and game will lose its main audience if this continue to happen with future Tiers.


I am not concerned. But thanks for the warning.
I trust the Smilegate devs and their data more than I trust random people on the forums who think that establishing themselves as “veteran MMO players” means they know what’s up and what’s going down or…up. I am quite impressed at the fuss people are making here on the forums. It’s quite shocking the level of speculation being thrown around in the “this game is lost” kind of discourse.

“AGS’s statistic reading is mistaken, they need to do a better research or leave the decision to original developers without making any changes.”
For some reason, you still believe ASG makes these changes, not Smilegate. They repeatedly said they looked at player data. Statistics aren’t wrong. You are. And I am not sure what rationale makes you say “statistics are wrong” with such confidence. Absolutely mind-numbing post…


Good, God! Is there no end to your vivid imagination? Everything in this phrase has no base in reality. What are the mods doing allowing false information to circulate like this.


Smilegate is doing the technical work AGS is issuing these changes depending their “feedback”. Developers said they were reluctant to issue AGS demands and wasn’t happy with the changes they made, you can watch the review with the lead dev for this information.

-They assume 10% player success is low while in reality it isn’t. How many player clears Mythic Raids in wow or Alliance raids in FF14, these are the statistics of End Game content they will always have low clearance and trying to lower difficulty is not the right approach.

-You clearly have no idea what kind of a game Lost Ark is if you think this game is traditional Tank and Spank type of game instead of mechanic based.

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T1 and T2 are NOT endgame content. They are shitty tutorials. People need to understand this. So, when you have an overwhelming majority of players not being able to progress through your game unless they are heavily over-geared (and even then they could still struggle due the poor design). Most of those players will simply leave, and naturally AGS and Smilegate don’t want this. I personally think that Guardian Raids and Abyssal Dungeons didn’t need nerfs, but they needed adjustment and clarity improvements. Guardian Raids are a daily activity that you’re expected to do twice a day. At the moment they are too tedious and poorly designed for this to happen effectively across multiple characters. If anyone genuinely thinks that actual endgame content should only be available to the 10% when we haven’t even gotten the true endgame of legion raids is dreaming.


T1 and T2 was End Game when they were released, we had all Tiers together released but it doesn’t change the facts these Tiers designed as End Game. T3 being better is a different situation and my main point was people will face same issue in T3 both in guardian, abyss and legion. And AGS will comply with their nerf demands since they will follow same percentage statistic when it is a wrong approach.

This is one of the absolute facts that needs to be more commonly known.

But the same fact is that this game is not Minecraft (in t3). Would it make sense for me to go to minecraft and complain that it’s not punishing enough? Or go into Elden Ring and complaining about me dying? That - is what people are having problem with.

Our region has released t1, t2 and t3 all at once so no its not end game content. Roxx mentioned they want people to progress to t3 quickly. So don’t reference korea which had t1 for a long time as a reason.

On topic, changing some wipe mechanics to high dmg only helps players to learn mechanics as they get more chances to try. When people die now people will just leave the raid or vote to abandon. How is that helping players learn? Ofc people can go in with high ilvl, but it’s not like that isn’t happening now, you just kill the boss before he does his mechanics.

I agree with all the other comments on other threads that all the sweaty players are venting their frustration on new players that they didn’t watch any videos before entering but why should they, the fun is in learning not copying what some guy in a video said you should do.


That is very interesting. Where can I find this?

Once again, while the tiers are “technically endgame”, they are not the actual endgame. The developers fully admit and even apologized for the poor state of T1 and T2 because they were so bad that the game almost died until they introduced T3. The devs actively want people to skip T1 and T2. That’s the situation we’re in. We’re stuck with a version of the game where most of the playable content is the worst available one that other regions avoid like the plague.

Another thing, nerfs are common place in this game. Even in T3. It has been nerfed several times in Korea. You guys seem to have the dumbfounding understanding that other regions had no problem with this content when in fact they did. Smilegate simply provided means for them to skip to T3 faster where the game becomes good, and I expect the same will happen here.


I am sorry I don’t actually have a link right now, I am not suing my home pc but it was “Gold River’s launch review” or something like that where he said he wasn’t happy with AGS demands for many changes including localisation. I might share the link later.

I fully agree that challenging content should stay challenging, but the content we have is not challenging. It’s poorly designed, lacks clarity, and is tedious. People’s complaints are justified imo.

Again, that is extremely interesting and would very much appreciate if you could link that interview later on when you have time. Just from the sounds of it, that is basically saying that AGS did in fact want to step away from the original game more than the -creator- of the game actually were happy with. Again… there is reason why so many wanted to play Lost Ark as they knew it from RU/KR (in their home countries with people of the same language and good ping) - they didn’t want a WoW-version/dumbed down version it.

Countless of reviews has said that alot of the content is -refreshing- compared to much of the existing western MMO:s. It’s funny how there are people who then wants to transform it into the same mainstream that people are already tired of :rofl:

I don’t like repeating same things because it’s not constructive but for the last time I wanna make my statements clear.

-T1 and T2 was released in the span of 2 years in SK. They were “the End Content”, being them good or bad is a different issue.
-I’m not against making “bad” content “good” but real issue how AGS interprets the statistics wrong and tailor the game with wrong assumptions.
-This shows a concerning approach towards majority when in reality it should follow basic game rules. Higher tier content requires higher skill.

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Actually I dont think they did interpret it wrong. They just didn’t care about what the number sactually said more than that people got somewhat stuck - and everyone (including Smilegate) wants to push people faster forward.

That said, referring to the percentages is extremely misleading. Especially due to the numbers of connection lost/getting booted that has happened the past weeks due to overloaded matchmaking servers. AND that the game is in fact brand new for many. Still, if the idea is to push people fast through that content, then in that sense it is the right decision - even though that will have implications later on.

please? have u seen the statistics of AGS that they use to push those nerfs trough?
I havent seen those statistics, Roxx just Spit out random numbers and you complain about false information?

Ive been playing mmos for 19 years.
I dont mind a challenge, but middle tier shouldn’t be more difficult than top tier content.

Ive logged 170 hours. (More than casual, less than no lifers.)
Im one upgrade away from t3

The issue is, when something is insanely hard, it prevents those lower tiers from progressing as fast. (Or paying others gold for carries).

I enjoy needing to learn mechanics and it beinf difficult. I only passed these things because guild members teaching me.

However, i do believe the most challenging should be the highest tier.

Saying that, id love to see some set item lvl challenge raids. Can only join while between certain item lvls and they are a challenge!!


Again, I’m not against adjusting some aspects of the game more approachable by casual player;

My main issue how they decide to nerf content depending on the low percentage of player clearing content. This means every content in the future will see those nerfs happening since I’m pretty sure, less then 5% of player will be able to clear legion raids when they came out. Percentage is not the right way to decide if a content needs adjustment especially if its tailored towards the high end players.

So was mine, but at this point AGS has made several announcements and statements about the fact that T3 IS significantly more much difficult and more challenging, and the sole reason for making t1/t2 content easier is to get people into T3.

Mark my word, I’ve bookmarked every single quote on this subject for future reference :smiley:

There is quite a big difference between people not being able to clear outdated leveling content, and people not being able to clear endgame content like legion raids. So percentage and context are absolutely the right way to decide if something needs adjustment. And once again, tier 1 and tier 2 are not tailored towards high end players.