We need to talk about ship skins (Hide Skin option)

So, one of the first things you are advised to do in this game is to get Hermida’s song ship skin because it’s a massive boon to any exploring sailor. And from there to the endgame, you’re pretty much stuck with it.

You’ve got an upgrade and your Estoque looks much cooler now? Well, the skin will remain the same. You’ve got mighty Tragon, the terror of the sea, and upgraded it to level 7? Nah, still all the same for you. You perhaps work diligently and hard to get an elusive Astray, the best ship in the game? You will look just like the guy that started to play yesterday.

Funn thing game recognizes this issue and our characters have a “hide skin” button. We need this for our ships too. Is it possible that in Korea and Russia nobody thought of this, demanded this or cared enough to implement such a minimalistic feature?