We need to talk about the engraving drop rate in SA

Currently, for beginners and casual veterans like me, it’s impossible to progress and join a legion raid or abyss raid without having at least 5 engraving for dps and support. To build a dps Mage Igniter build, you need to spend your liver and Pheon to make at least 3 engraving correctly, since you have to buy all of them in the CORRECT STATS. Additionally, the COST OF CLASS AND DPS ENGRAVINGS IS VIOLENTLY EXAGGERATED DUE TO THEIR SCARCITY.

For exemple, 1/20 Grudg costs 30k gold in SA. This may seem like nothing to veterans who exploit newbies(carry farm), but it’s absurd for a beginner or a returning veteran, not to mention other expenses.

We urgently need to increase the drop rate of all the beloved engraving.

Where does QoL live out of lostark? I want to have fun participating in the content and suffering in the mechanics and not chasing gold to try to be accepted in the content


igniter is a juicer class
that being said
everyone builds according to their means

do you go buy gucci and prada clothes so you have something to wear to walmart?

even in your fucked up region i can probably build you a 5x3 for a fraction of the cost that you are exaggerating here


Nah just move from that region is dead and a waste of time and burnout if you like the game.

By the time you manage to get 600k gold to buy grudge, you get a full roster of 5 bards and 1 dps to progress Hell fast in new region… With 5 bards gold will rain, just make them 3x3 + 2(heavy) and you will have 0 down time raids and spend 0 gold, so you can inject all the gold to buy books and accs for you super dps


Just get a 5x3 Swift reflux as it is hella cheap and still does good damage, or Crit casting reflux ( with all-out attack).

You don’t have to aim for the most expensive/best build straight away if you are on a tight budget…

Also reflux will be buffed next patch so the gap between juicer igniter build or cheap reflux build is not going to be that big now.

You guys definitely need bots in your server. 20k grudge what LOL.

But yeah that region has expensive crap including Blue Crystals. I’m surprised players are still playing in SA.

interesting you bring in fashion brands because a fashion brand is expensive due to perceived value, not tangible value.

Those things they posted are high-cost items due to the real power that can be obtained from them, I could make a 5x3 as well for 100G but the 5 engravings would be total trash because that is the market value of trash engravings.

What I would say is don’t aim for 5x3 until you have at least 1 combat engraving at 12. and search for lower quality items to lessen the cost, also you don’t need to buy all 20 books at once, space them out over a few weeks.

Now I know someone will say “BUT I need 5x3 to get into grps” and to that I respond with…find a guild or make your own groups.

20k grudge that is when the Frog is active now imagine frog leaving. 500k-600k grudge just to complete the set.

Their blue crystals don’t help either 5390 per 95. This is just devs/publishers fault for not changing the price value corresponding to that region… then again I will be cautious since it is close to NA and some might want to change region because of the price exchange $ dollar wise.

But yeah I know a lot of South American players play in NA-W… I can see them with spanish and brazilian party finder… so yeah same as chinese. Join the club.

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i’m not going to argue here m8
5x3 costs a lot
but it’s not something any ofus did in 1 week
if he doesn’t understand that the point of the game is to build stuff throughout time and to redistribute resources and allocate accordingly no amount of advice here will help him

plenty of lobbies that go with people with not 5x3s
we’ve been through this already
clown can be killed on ilvl with legendary set with 1 engraving
skill matters more

In fact the more beneficial is to play in NA-E for 2 reasons, NA-W is dead too… And NA-E has lower latency for people in SA as east coast is closer by several thousand milles to them lol

I’m from EUW so i understand their struggle to an extent.

they need to fast-track the region merge as this kind of price is indeed dumb, but that also means all the other players in that server shouldn’t have 5x3 either right? because to actually farm the gold required would mean you play at the somewhat hardcore level…

WELL unless you know… RMT

NA-W is not dead lol… lots of players play here. it is so active even in non-NA peak hours due to the number of Asian and Oceanic players.

I have a lil roster in NA-W (mari) and man to find a run there is a titanic job, everytime I Login there and try to find a lobby for vycas or valtan there is either none or 1 to 2 empty lobbies wiith some wierd sht numbers… Like ¥~8865-002 no idea what are those…

I never got 20 igniter books and I had 5x3 (bis) for a while. You need 7/7 stone though and you need to actively look for cheap accessory (the cheapest u can find surprisingly is 3/5 necklace with high spec but very low crit and overall low quality).

Or if you think too expensive you should consider running off meta engraving like ether predator, etc. I bought Igniter 3 hit master 5 crit spec necklaces with 470 spec 410 crit for 30k gold. Then second 3/5 ring you buy low quality not the best but you get to gatekeeping 5x3.

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prices its ok,in kr they have grudge 25k gold when brel hard was new content,dont compare SA with NA,SA have like 5,6% bots,NA are like 60,70% bots

Stop comparing NA/EU to South Korea. We are using US DOLLARS not KOREAN WON. Sadly this includes South America where there is not enough players who can afford it.

But yes the best way to get cheaper prices is to get more bots. Unfortunately, NA/EU regions have better markets than South America.

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You have to be completely clueless or a shill to actually defend this game’s economy.

Making you play 6 characters in rags so you can play a single one at max while being gatekept non stop, LOL

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No one is defending the economy, just stating facts that NA/EU region uses DOLLAR EQUIVALENCY.

If I go to South Korea and actually spend money I will have a much better progression rate than spending $$$$ in NA/EU region. Do you get it?

This is why South America is screwed.

Ah wasn’t talking about what you said, but about this whole forum, whenever someone brings a problem up they show up omgg its an alt game omgg i make 99999k a week the game is fine etc

still a very very big difference between reflux and igniter like miles away difference that they dont even compare , reflux engraving needs a complete rework however it is very cheap to build for sure

lawd jeysus 20k grudge.