We should get 2FA for trading

Title says it all. Thanks.

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@Roxx please and thanks. Lets keep the solution simple.

no we shouldn’t. this would be extremely inconvenient for everyone and would be a burden for everyone, also this would not do anything to help the situation. if you’re tying 2fa to the account, might as well do it at server select

I think bots right now are already a burden to everyone. Having 2FA in a similar implementation to Warframe, for example, where it’s a single time setup, isn’t that inconvenient. It would just be done once at login/character selection, on new computers. Or, another solution would be to lock trading to Steam accounts that have the mobile authenticator set up (I think somebody has also mentioned that idea on the forums before).

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Cant be as bad as you make it out to be, increasing account security for a tiny inconvenience is a very good trade off. Theres also simple ways to implement 2fA that isnt inconvenient, simply look at other platforms. One such institution i know just gives you push notifications, its as simple as a button press on your phone. Not only does it increase account security but it also makes it inconvenient for the boters thefore improving the game economy making the game experience much better for all players actually using the market for legitimate transactions. What makes it a bad idea exactly in your opinion i would like to know.

yeah i mean, it wouldn’t be a tiny inconvenience as the title suggests. in my mind this title is saying, every time you want to list an item on the market, you have to input a 2fa code. list item, input code, list item, input code. but english is great and can be interpreted in many different ways so after reading op’s reply, i figured he meant that for the purposes of trading, implement a one time 2fa which is more bearable, but still inconvenient because, 2fa has it’s own issues like waiting for the code, and the code not being sent through at times. with the market overloading problem where it doesnt load items, this doesn’t look like a good idea tbh

Here’s my thoughts

  • F2A for trade/ah
    why not i dont see an issue asking for this as 1 time thing

Additional thoughts suggestions

  • Player to player to friends only
    stops people claiming a random bot just happened to give them gold

  • Mail options to Friends/ Global chat
    Stops and hinders bot advert senders, could also completely lock it to friends/global too for same effect as player to player
    in addition these options could also be 1 time locked behind f2a and the trusted status already in place

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