We should get the t1 and t2 honing buffs at the very least

I think we can all agree, regardless of the situation with tier 3, we should get the honing buffs for tier 1 and tier 2 at the very least as a separate update. With the addition of new classes starting and people wanting to reroll to those classes, we shouldnt have to deal with the end of t1 and end of t2 deadzones at this point.


Hard agree!


T1/t2 buffs would add so many godamn resources in the game. I for one would make 6 alts in no time, take them to 1340 for orehas and eventually push to 1370 / 85

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Itd certainly help people push up to 1370 and higher as a byproduct yeah

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What deadzones in T1/T2? If you already have main in T2, you get stronghold research for T1. If you are in T3, you get the research for T2.

Stronghold researches
Feiton pass
Two events
All other material vendors

Enough stuff to boost an alt from 960 to T3 in a week!

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Im genuinely interested in ur opinion on this. What gameplay value do you see in keeping the honing rates as they are in t1 and t2?

How do they enhance the gameplay experience?

If they currently enchance it, the content will be too fast for new players. If you include alts and T3 running low ilvl abbysals… They won’t learn anything, how mechs works, etc.
It will be like this:
Day 1: Level 1-50
Day 2-7: T1
Day 7-14: T2
Day 15+ : T3 roadblock and a lot of QQ in the process

When we get our second or third legion raids and some other side activities I may be fine with it. Currently it will be bad.


Hows that going to be different than when a new player starts many months from now after the honing buffs get added anyway?

Keeping new players in the early phases where the guardian raids take longer and they DONT have stronghold buffs. How does that enhance the gameplay experience?

The content in t3 is easier than the t1 and t2 content. Theyll learn all the mechanics they need to just as well in t3 as they would t1. And lets be honest, even as it currently is theres people in t3 with no idea on most mechanics so it doesnt change anything.

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Whqt are you on about? You have a 20% honing buff from your stronghold for t1 and t2. Is pretty much 100%

New players dont. Or people who have stopped playing waiting for the class they want to play as their mains get released

Well, they will have 4x powerpasses :slight_smile: 2x vern , 2x feiton 960 ilvl

You dont say that new players or those who choice to quit, to insta lvl to t3 , like those who worked 2 months to get there?

Who cares how long it took before before to get there? Its not some special achievement to hit 1302. It also doesnt diminish ur own effort just because somebody else gets there quicker

I disagree honing rates are fine especially with the buffs from your stronghold.

Nor should they. Freebies come after doing the initial work to unlock them.

Ofc no. Its not hard. So if its not hard, why they should change it? Uts too early for that. Maybe with valtan

@liana can you tell me your ilvl?

TIL: 60% is 100%

Again, ill ask all of u who just replied. How does it enhance the gameplay experience keeping it as it is? How does it make the game more fun and engaging to keep it as it is?

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If it’s pretty much 100% why did KR buff the T1/T2 hone rates so much.

Those buffed hone rates were actually going to be included in our version of the game until they were removed right before release due to closed beta feedback.

If the game launched with the buffed hone rates, do you think the devs would have needed to delay valtan, add two new events, buff the event vendors, and send us free mats?

And this is 100% true.

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