We should not be happy how the release of this skin line was done

This is just not acceptable in my opinion. Having a big pack reduced in price is somewhat okey but to keep the one skin gated is just not right.

I guess we should be vocal about this, so it does not becomes a thing in the future to gate skins like this.
I do not mind paying the 20-30€ for skins but 90€ just to be able to get the skin is way over the top.

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in korea, the black versions was gated too,
you had to buy 4 whiteskins for only 1 black

true but it was stated many times that our clients differ. So if we voice our opinions, we can force changes

naa wont happen amazon is tooooo adamant in there decisions

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4 to get 1? where did you hear that?

I am deeply disappointed in this packages. I was eager to spend some money on the skins, black and white but it’s a shitshow. The black one is gated behind a p2progress very pricey pack which I don’t care about. They even had the irony to put some dyeable material with a skin that is non dyeable if you trust the UI … And the white skin is only sold by 2 and untradeable, meaning if you want only one skin, you have to pay twice the price … Youhou ! I just economise ton of money thanks to them.

The white fur one is sold separately in one pack for 2k RC, and is tradable.

no obviously, but the game is on its last leg and they need to milk all the dumbasses potentially out there before they either announce closure or put the game into maintenance mode with very little care

Just wait 3d till it will be in market if you don’t wanna spend money kekw

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Its literally a “prestige” skin. That’s it’s selling point.

You can also buy the skin if you dont want to put the money in from the AH.

it’s not going to be a thing happening all the time, it’s a promotional package for black friday and thanksgiving.

it’s not like all skins are gated behind those packages, calm down a bit.

lmao ok bruh.

It’s a good gold sink to further deflate the BC prices. Good move in my opinion.

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@Roxx why does SG hate us? Giving us no option to get the skin alone just sucks

how so? you’ll be buying from another player so the only gold going away is the 5% tax :thinking:

Whether said skin buyer decides to sell that skin or buy gold from F4 shop the process is the same, gold goes from f2pkek into that whales pocket

you swipe to get that skin, generating BCs in the process.

you do understand that there is no gold getting removed from the economy aside from the 5% market tax right?

The only way of turning skin sales into a gold sink would be allowing players to buy them with gold directly from the store, not from players themselves. But guess what, that would make less revenue

Buy them with gold