We should not treat Ebony cube as if it was one of the solutions to burnout

I don’t know anyone who actually does cube and those people complaining about burnout (me included) we don’t do cube to begin with.

Ebony Cube will just be your daily Boss rush and thats it. It doesn’t reduce your homework or your grind playtime like the roadmap is trying to tell you

The real solution is to fix Una tasks, Chaos and Guardians or make Ebony Cube x3 possible


I’d say it’s just 1 drop in the bucket.

Many of us do 1 BR/Cube per character per week for the weeklies, but don’t grind every card we get.

This week i’ve been burning through over 150 BR, it’s mind numbing. I couldn’t imagine if I had to do the 200+ cubes I have sitting around.

They sold Ebony Cube as help to burnout because Ebony cube was coming anyway, so it’s a look good move.

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It may not seem liie much, but honestly it’s more than people were expecting, especially with how SG’s answer with reducing dailies went

Instead of Boss Rush and Cubes to run, you get Cubes with bosses

It’s one less thing to do and honestly a step in the right direction for the future

While it will become another thing we do, at least we don’t have two things to do anymore, and that’s the main takeaway


I would say a large majority of people dont even do their cubes and are excited to cash in their tickets for gems. I know I am. 1 x guardian 1 X chaos is the Wei to fix burnout.

What you mean cash in for gems. Is that possible?

People that don’t want to run their cubes are just going to let them expire, convert them to the new ebony cube tickets and have a net gain of gems.

It’s not a 1:1 ratio, some have posted the rates. I think the 1302 cube to ebony is like 1:5? Or something. So 150 cubes sitting around that give 0 gems, now become 30 ebony that do give some gems.

So a person doing that is losing potential silver by not running all the cubes, but they were never going to anyways so it doesn’t matter. Now they gain gems from those cubes they didn’t care to run since ebony boss cube thing gives gems, silver, solars, leaps, card xp… gives what cube + boss rush gave (though in slightly adjusted amounts).

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I see. Thank you. But do I need to have both boss rush + cube to trade or only cube?

Wow, i barely had 3 BR and 1 cube. But at the same tome i do chaos dg only twice a week.
So ebony for me will be either a mess or a blessing. Mess if 8 dont drop any and i am forced to do more chaos.

Each tier ticket and type have a set value of conversion. I don’t recall the exact rates but there will be a vendor where you can do it.

So it doesn’t matter if it’s cube or boss rush. Should run all of your boss rush now to be efficient. Only convert cubes if don’t want to run them.

Edit: and by tier I meant like 1302/1490 cube, 1302/1490/1540 boss rush. Tier 1 and 2 tickets will only convert to silver.

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I counted all my cube tickets lmao. 713 between 17 chars because the last time I’ve seen one from the inside was pre vykas xD

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I have no stockpiles of unused tickets. If I bother to play chaos dungeons with a char, then I sure as well bother to play boss rush. I have many chars I might not play a second during the week. I used to have some T1-T2 chars I didn’t touch for several weeks. Now because the support-dps ratio has turned upside down, I’ve been levelling them up and currently have only 2 T2 chars remaining, zero T1.

And cube tickets are easy to burn with 3x.

I don’t understand the part where people who have not been intrested running cubes and/or boss rush with some chars, suddently would be intrested of them. Just chill and convert the tickets.

I finished all cube ticket and working on boss rush now, gained 70+ million silver so it’s not bad. It’s mad boring though, figure to skip raid for a week or two to finish them since raid is just gold.

the solution is to stop playing LA & move on it’s happening to lot of people & lot of others will follow anyway. LA is from the past for now

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Yo, je me posait la question si c’est seulement à la sortie de l’Ebony que l’échange de tickets sera possible ou si il faut le faire avant le jour J ?
(pour moi sa serai une fois sortie mais je veux pas me faire avoir :grin:)

It’s a f2p game, game design is intended to make players choose between swiping or burnout xD

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