We want Steam Deck compatibility!

I do realize that this topic has already been posted about, but I still wan’t to chip in and give my 5cents to the cause, and hopefully help catch the devs attention.

So first of all I just want to point out that there is quite a few upkeep mechanics in Lost Ark, which really would be nice to have a way to deal with on the go. A good example is that I was recently on a skiing trip for over a week, and even though I have Una’s Task tickets, I still wasn’t able to click them for the daily progress simply because I don’t have an expensive gaming laptop to run the game on.
I really think it would be amazing to play Lost Ark on a steamdeck, just as good as on a PC, but even if that isn’t in the cards then at least having a mobile app allowing us to check the daily boxes and such, I’m talking stronghold activities, daily login rewards and una’s auto completion tasks, which all could be done from a mobile interface, would just be the greatest!

I really think a lot of us would just like some official answers from the devs, if you are planning on doing this, fixing the EAC compatibility issues and getting Lost Ark on the rails for Steam Deck in the future, or whether you’re not even going to consider it.

For one it would put my mind more at ease, knowing that when I finally get to invest in the Deck, then it will support my favorite game of all time!

Have a good one, and please if any official LA staff could give a reply on future plans for the issues mentioned above, I’d really appreciate it.

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I would love that, but isn’t it compatible if you just install windows?

And to be honest: You can easily get a notebook with the specs of the steam deck for way less money…

I don’t even know what Steam Deck is… Never bothered to read up on it but sure why not.

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not sure what notebooks you’re referring too, but the steamdeck is currently underpriced simply for valve to peddle the platform. Specs may be one thing, but optimization my friend, is the key. And I wouldn’t like to have to invest in a cheap notebook for the sole purpose of clicking dailies tbh. that should be doable on my phone, if not on a portable device with power enough to actually give me a good experience.

Couldn’t you agree?

I agree on the fact that an optimized Client for the Steam OS would be awesome. But what I ment is, that you could basically buy a 200 bucks notebook with the same power undser the hood as the steam deck… It IS AWESOME and I can’t wait for mine to arrive, but if you just want something on the go, you could just use any device… My old ultrabook from 2015 runs LA in ultralow decently for dailies…

And you can always stream via steamlink to your phone, with VPN even on the go…

You are correct and I wont dispute that, but you are ignoring the fact that I do not wish to invest in shoddy hardware, for a shoddy experince of a single game. 200 bucks or even lower, in principle that is just not a good solution for players to have to go through, and same goes for your suggestion with steamlink and a vpn… sure I can have my Tower Rig run at home sucking up power and ramping up my electricity bill and pay a subscription to a VPN provider, all to play on my mobile screen, but we are now a few layers deeper than most normal consumers will go, and all the while I am still not having a good gaming experince, so it kinda misses the point of quality and ease of access.
I do get what you mean, and yes of course it is possible, so I guess lets just agree to disagree in a weird agreeable sense :wink:

Yeah, I know what you meen.

But You understood the VPN wrong… You COULD set up the game for 720p on your tower and VPN to your HOMENETWORK to use Steamlink, done that a couple of times and you would be surprised of how good that can feel.

The Issue I have with the steam deck is, that if you don’t need the small form factor (which you get by mobile and Steamlink also) you can get a decent enough gaming Notebook with WAY better specs for the price or the same level of basically shitty performance, to be honest way cheaper. The expensive thing about the steam deck is the form factor…

I bought steam deck mostly to play Lost ark with it, even knew its not yet supported. I just hope it soon will be. I have laptop and use it mainly to play lost ark, but laptop is big. I don’t want move it. it got several monitors, keyboard and mouse on it. I move laptop only when i leave from home somewhere where i need that.

U can install windows to steam deck, but every1 telling u shouldn’t. Windows don’t work well on it. So i don’t want install windows to it.

Steam deck controls are made for Lost ark. it would be perfect to play it.

I tested it bit with steam link and it works, but overall its stupid use steam link on steam deck. I don’t want use it that way. Why use 2 computers to play 1 game. No no no.

Steam deck is computer what is enough to play games. Its not screen what needs another computer. That would be big waste.

So could we plz get support to steam deck that can use only that to play this excellent game. And with that support all Linux players can play this also. Thx.


As i was able to order mine yesterday, i wanna push this topic.

I wish they would consider it. I preoredered a Steam Deck to play Lost Ark on so I will probably end up cancelling my preorder if we do not find out before it makes it to Q3. Really seems like a missed opportunity though as Lost Ark is the exact type of game that is an ideal fit for the Steam Deck. I have no clue who to even request it from anymore. Smilegate? Amazon? Epic Games (as I’ve read they are the ones who have denied the option) who knows. We do know Amazon has 0 developers or programmers working on the game, so I am assuming its not them; as they would not have the ability to do it, but if they do please do Amazon.

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Bumping this up for support for this update. As many mentioned, it would be nice to be able to play on both PC and Steam Deck, and with EAC working on other games, there could be a way for this to work.


Yes please, it’s almost certainly just an EAC config setting and other EAC games allow Steam Deck.

Steam Deck is legitimately a fantastic budget PC.


Bump - we would love EAC/Lost Ark updated to support the Steam Deck - please!


here here, support linux

Bought a steam deck in preparation to be able to play on the go. Should be able to do this without additional modifications to the system … Other games with same anticheat software work on this.

An update or acknowledgement that this is in the works would be nice. Especially when news of other ways of playing are announced …

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hehe meanwhile im enjoying LA on my GPD win3 hope they´ll fix it four you steam deck guys soom bc its awesome to play LA mobile! controller sup works awesome

Ive seen videos of people playing it on a steam deck. Am i missing something?

guess they use it on windows? not steamOS

Yeah you can do it using Windows but thats not fair as most of us dont want to install the OS!


Not only that, Windows 10 is having some real issues on it which is causing crashes. So running it on the Windows 10 version when there is no replacement tickets given for lost access to Abyss/Chaos etc would be a recipe for pain.

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