WE want to know when is next downtime For euc Servers so Tell please

Tell us thanks

Just assume its the whole day for safety

OK WE still wanna know

then wait until 12 hours before the maintenance day cause they don’t let us know before that usually

next downtime will be on 7/20 12am PST and will be estimated to last between 4-10 hours like every other week

downtime is always the day of RESET at MIDNIGHT PST always hasn’t changed in 5 months

Let me see my darling!
My crystal ball that can access the ancient spirits of the lost civilization of the lizard man tells me that the next downtime will be on the usuall:

Wednesday at 9 AM CEST and will take approximately 5 hour to complete.

The ancient spirits also tells me that this is the same since the game launched, on a predictable day and predictable downtime and they got angry for wasting their time and they are asking for a ritual payment.

Payment must be done by
download (7)

And do the rain and chicken dance to invoke the lost comedy of Atlantida.


Why do WE want to know?

I don’t want to know because I know it…

and pls can we close this thread?

a pointless thread indeed xD